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7 Different ways to cook salmon

Salmon is one of the popular dishes in many homes worldwide. It is an oily fish commonly found in marine and freshwaters. It has several nutritional benefits because it contains high proteins, fatty acids, and omega-3.

There are different types of salmons, including silver, King, Atlantic, Red, and pink ones. For you to enjoy a salmon meal, there are different ways you can prepare it to achieve the flavour you deserve. Here are seven methods that will guide you in making a sumptuous salmon for your family and friends.

7 methods for making salmon

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The grill method is one of the most used techniques to prepare salmons, especially by outdoor enthusiasts. Salmon that is tender and juicy is what you should select for this method.

Several fish are too slender and fragile to be cooked on the grill, and salmon is an exception. However, you should be very keen or else it will stick or fall apart if you are not careful.

The best tools that will help you include a charcoal or gas grill. Additionally, ensure you have a flexible spatula on hand that will allow you to slide just underneath your salmon while cooking without breaking the skin or flesh. The process takes around 12 minutes, and the temperature should be regulated at 120 degrees.

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Preparing Alaskan wild caught salmon using the poached method is easy and faster. Here you are supposed to put the fish in a liquid like water, milk, wine, or stock and then cook it gently to prevent it from falling apart. Your temperature should also be low to avoid overcooking it. Salmon that has been poached cooks in a flash. Small fillets can be cooked in three minutes, while the bigger one would take fifteen minutes.

It would be best to use an instant food thermometer to determine when the fish is fully cooked. Water is preferred for poaching because it is cheaper and readily available than wine and other liquids.

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Sous Vide

Salmon fillets are ideal for sous vide cooking because their thickness varies hence, avoiding the challenge of overcooking the thin section and undercooking the thick one. To keep the salmon fillets from sticking, you should season with pepper and keep them in a freezer bag containing extra-virgin oil.

Depending on the thickness, you can cook for thirty minutes in a water bath with an immersion circulator. Then, take away the salmon gently from the bag and place it in an oiled nonstick pan to crisp up the skin.

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Broiling is the process of preparing salmon by subjecting it to direct radiant heat, which can be achieved on a grill over live charcoal or beneath a gas burner or electric coil. Broiling varies from roasting and baking in that the salmon steaks are turned halfway through the cooking process, allowing one side to finish at a time. Broiling heat is higher than roasting ones; a domestic range’s broil signal is normally set at about 550 °F.

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Glazed salmon is perfect for this particular recipe. If you have extra time, slow-roasting salmon for 20 to 30 minutes in a medium oven reduces the chances of overcooking it. Salmon fillets should be roasted in a hot oven for around 8 minutes, depending on the size. Roast skin-side-down on a baking dish liberally sprayed with melted butter or olive oil for easier cleaning.

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To prepare a perfect juicy salmon, always bake your fillets on paper. The baking process entails wrapping fish in parchment-lined packets or aluminium foil. It operates by holding steam, which cooks the delicate fish gently. Covering the fish in paper or foil also eliminates the need to remove the delicate skin from the pan, and it makes for a fun main dish display.

Sear Method

If you prefer the crispy skin of stovetop salmon, sear the fish skin side down in a cast-iron pan covered with butter or oil over moderate heat for a few minutes. Then complete baking in a 400°F oven for around 8 minutes. Aromatics like whole crushed cloves of garlic or green onions can be added. To maintain it crunchy, serve it skin face up.

Whether you are throwing a dinner for friends, preparing a meal for your household, or simply looking for something nutritious and delicious to eat, above is a recipe for you. The methods will guide you to prepare delicious Salmon fillets.


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