Glass bowls

Glass bowls: Balance hormones when you store food

You’ve been warned many times about Bisphenol A or BPA leaking into your plastic water bottles. The same goes for your plastic bowls that you use to store food in the refrigerator or take your lunch to work. BPA is the industrial chemical found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins that mimics estrogen, the male hormone. It is not something people with hormonal imbalances want to mess with. Changing all your plastic bowls to glass bowls would definitely reduce the high amount of estrogen you may have and give you a better life.

Glass bowls

Store food in glass bowls

If you have already switched to glass water bottles in your lunch bag, then you need to add glass bowls to it. Even though BPA slowly leaks into your water and food on its own, it’s actually worse in a plastic bowl because BPA leaks faster when the bowl is warmed up in the microwave. Store food in glass bowls and you can avoid eating food laced with the chemical.

Good news for persons with PCOS and low fertility

Both men and women who suffer from hormonal imbalances benefit from using glass bowls. When estrogen is reduced, women with PCOS, uterine and fertility problems, and men with elevated testosterone, hair loss, and enlarged prostate can enjoy the benefits of having balanced hormones. Fertility improves, cysts and fibroids disappear, hair growth happens naturally, and life is a whole lot brighter.

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