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Cricket fans don’t miss events at the Oval

By Nadia Ali. “Anyone for cricket?” For die hard cricket fans the chance to see the national and Caribbean professional cricketers play a game at the Queen’s Park Oval in the heart of Port of Spain is a sporting event not to be missed.

Historically, the sport of cricket was introduced to the West Indies by England in the 18th century. It was later in 1950 that the West Indies won their first Test victory against England in England.

Spectators sport national symbols

Today, as we got closer, the excitement grew. The closer the car got to the surrounding streets of the Oval we could see a steady stream of spectators sporting colours of red and national symbols like the Trini flag. It is definitely not a sport that is only supported by men as you can see groups of females going to cheer on their favourite cricketers.

Now, as much as I am new to cricket I will only watch the 20/20 matches not an all day international, mostly because I won’t find the company to go. “Oh gosh dat, it’s too long!”

Cricket fans inside the oval

Once inside the Queen’s Park Oval which is Trinidad’s largest cricket ground seating about 25,000 cricket fans, the early bird fans were very sparse. We were in the Leary Constantine Stand and could see fans filling up the popular Trini Posse stand which had cheerleaders dressed in bright colours, singing chants and dancing.

As we waited for the game to start, music blared from the resident DJ. Vendors walked around with an assortment of pies, food, drinks and Trinbago flags to wave in support of the national cricketers. The stands began to fill up and soon it was time for the game to start.

Takes a while for cricket fans to settle down

I was familiar with a handful of the players and together with the DJ, cheerleaders and fan support it was fun. Through a zoomed camera lens I could see who was who as the cricketers took to the stumps. The cricket fans and DJ erupted into euphoria whenever a 6 was hit. It actually took a while for the crowds to settle down before resuming play.

As the game came to a close in true Trini style the fans started leaving and by the time the officials got around to giving out trophies, only a few diehard fans remained. After the match, the streets outside were flooded with people heading to their cars having enjoyed cricket, sweet cricket!

 February 2015 – Issue 14

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