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How to make the switch to vaping this Stoptober

Struggling with tobacco and keen to make the switch to vaping as part of this Stoptober? This guide will make it as easy as possible for you.

Start your journey and switch to vaping

The first thing many vapers ask is “How do I know which e-cig is best?” It’s perfectly understandable. There are so many various sorts of starter kits on the market that it might be challenging to determine which one is appropriate.

The best way to work out which vape pen, e-cig, or mod you’re going to love is to get yourself to a vape shop. There, a trained advisor will be able to talk you through the pros and cons of different devices and show you which one is going to fit your needs.

Of course, there’s no obligation whatsoever to purchase in-store – the range can be viewed online before visiting your local branch if that’s what you’re more comfortable with.

For busy people, however, popping into a high street vape retailer can be pretty tough. For that reason, the essentials are covered here; you’ll find plenty of online reviews and advice out there, but this guide will offer an overview in simple terms to give you everything you need to make the switch to vaping:

Disposables: Getting started couldn’t be easier!

If you’re not sure if vaping is for you, want to try a new flavour, or just fancy a nicotine hit without any of the fuss, disposable e-cigs are for you, more information on AquaVape

They come ready to vape and usually contain around 300 puffs. After that, they need to be disposed of responsibly.

However, while disposables are great for trying different flavours, they’re not ideal for getting the most out of vaping. They do come with a higher nicotine strength than a rechargeable but you can’t refill them or charge them up – which means you need to buy more to continue vaping. Also, because they use thinner e-liquid they tend to be harsher on the throat and lack some of the flavour you’ll get from a rechargeable.


This is where things can start getting complicated! There are so many different types of e-cigs available that it’s easy to feel baffled by the industry jargon. However, it’s a lot simpler than you think.

In most cases, rechargeables will be either “tank” or “pen” style – although some look more like pens and others more like tanks. Tanks are a bit bulkier and hold a bigger cartridge/liquid capacity – commonly known as “juice”.

Pen-style e-cigs can be sleek and slender, some offering similar dimensions to your average cigarette. They always come with smaller cartridges/juice capacities but are generally more discrete. Both tank and pen types will use disposable or replaceable coils, which you’ll need to replace regularly (estimated at every 1-2 weeks).

The biggest difference between tank and pen is the way they vape. Tanks tend to use a heating element, or coil, which heats up as you puff on it – much like an old-fashioned cigarette. In contrast, pens usually have a battery that fires a coil when you press a button – this means you can usually take “screen free” puffs, which is great for people trying to quit smoking.

Here are some examples of different starter kits available in the UK today

I want an e-cig that looks like a cigarette – what’s my best option?

If this sounds like you then tank-style e-cigs are probably for you!

I want to take my vaping with me everywhere – what are my options?

E-cigs are much smaller than traditional cigarettes but there are still many different types of devices for you to choose from. Choosing the right one will come down to how you vape, where you’re going and how long your e-cig will last:

Small and discreet

If discretion is important, pen-style e-cigs and disposables could be best for you. They can often be hidden in your hand or pocket making them great for people on the move. Discretion aside, they’re also easy to use – simply inhale as you would with a traditional cigarette.


There are many mid-sized e-cigs available that offer the best of both worlds – large capacity tanks and long battery life. If you’re not fussed about using disposables or tanks these products can be ideal. They often have larger batteries than other styles so they’ll last longer and produce more vapour. They’re also great if you like to vape “hands-free” as they usually have a built-in mouthpiece that can be used without having to hold it between your lips.

Large and powerful

For people who want maximum vapour production and an e-cig that is the same size as a cigarette, there are a few options available. Mods or Vape Pens have larger tanks and batteries which have been designed to produce the most vapour possible. They also offer you greater control over your vaping experience by letting you adjust the settings on your device to suit your preferences. So, if you want maximum power, this is the style for you to switch to vaping!


Stoptober is a great time to switch to vaping and try something new. There are so many different e-cig styles out there that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices available – but you don’t need to become an expert overnight! If you’re just getting started, remember this rule of thumb: if it looks like a cigarette and feels like a cigarette, it’ll probably be best for you!

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