Law of Attraction
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Law of Attraction: How to conceive, believe, and achieve in 5 steps

We hear valuable information about the Law of Attraction all the time, yet many of us are unable to apply this wondrous strategy to our own lives. The Law of Attraction defines your ability to attract, into your life, what you focus on.

If you focus on negative thoughts then you will attract misfortune, if your thoughts are positive, then you welcome good things into your life. It seems simple enough to conceive, believe and achieve perfect health, vast wealth, genuine love, safety, happiness, and continuous abundance in our lives.

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So why is it so hard for many? Changing your mood and maintaining it is a big part of Law of Attraction. If you listen carefully to the advocates of the Law of Attraction, you would see that they all focus on one thing–consistency. This is the key to success in any area–entrepreneurship, dieting and exercising, education, and building relationships.

Billionaires advise you to focus on investing your time, energy and money wisely. Life coaches tell you to do your affirmations regularly and live by them. Spiritual persons preach the importance of having faith in a higher being as you focus on your goals.

The success stories of those who promote the Law of Attraction are fascinating and may inspire you to give it a try. This article wraps it up nicely for you to start your journey of conceiving, believing and achieving. Here are 5 steps for you to use the Law of Attraction and hope for the best.

5 Steps to using the Law of Attraction for success

1. Let go negative thoughts of the past

Our past experiences are linked to our present self, but do we really need to hold on to the ones that bring us down? Think about it. You are here today to choose how you feel so why focus on undesirable things that are just a figment of your imagination?

You may have had a difficult childhood, abusive relationships, you failed at school and business many times, went through a car accident, had difficult pregnancies, and lost loved ones to diseases. Unfortunately, these events happened to you and hurt your feelings in the past, but the way you respond to them presently are completely up to you.

Make the change now to use the Law of Attraction into your life and let go of negative thoughts that are linked to the past. You can start by turning your bad experiences into positive reasons to move forward. Try harder, write a book, or help others in similar situations and feel positive in the present.

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2. Feel grateful for what you have

Instead of focussing on what you don’t have and depressing yourself every day, start feeling thankful for the things that you actually have in your life. Think about it. The man who complained about having no shoes started feeling grateful when he met a man with no feet.

This step in the Law of Attraction actually opens up your mind to what exactly is abundance. Some people have millions of dollars in hand and still feel like they lack something. People with less money are confused as to why this happens to rich people. But it is all about feeling thankful.

Make a list of all the things that you have that others may not have. Start with your functioning body parts. If you can see, hear, talk, walk, hug, and feel your heart beat perfectly, then you have more than plenty to be grateful for. Be of assistance to a blind, deaf, dumb, disable or elderly person. Your mood would change drastically and you would suddenly feel abundant.

3. Conceive future goals

Sometimes we have dreams of being successful but we never clearly define what this means. You may want millions of dollars, good health, a successful business, job security, promotion, comfortable relationship, family life, and pure happiness. But what do these words mean to you?

If you win two million dollars in the lottery, would that solve all your problems? If not, then your goal is not to have “millions of dollars”. The same goes for everything else. Find out what exactly do you want to accomplish. You would be surprised how much effort it takes to make this list.

You have to conceive exactly what you desire. Specify in writing each goal you have. Name the persons you want to help, the education or business you would like to pursue, the health results you want, and the relationship or family life that you crave. Explain why you want it, how you wish to do it, how much it would cost, and what would be the outcome of your efforts. Having clear goals is very important for success.

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4. Believe you have already achieved your goals

Here is the tricky part of the Law of Attraction, you have to believe that you have already achieved your goals. This is what causes most people to fail at success. They expect results fast and they give up when nothing happens soon.

Think about it. You start dieting and exercising for one week and then abandon the whole endeavour when the scale does not move. Many people give up their business dreams before they break even because the profits are taking too long to come in. You are discouraged easily because you allow negative thoughts to control your actions.

Believing in yourself means that you must know that you have the potential to accomplish anything you desire. Promoter of the Law of Attraction Joe Dispenza says that you have to visualise your future success and feel the satisfaction of it in the present. An effective way to accomplish this step is to use daily meditation and I am affirmations.

5. Be selfless to others

“Give and it shall be given onto you” is a popular proverb professed by advocates of the Law of Attraction. Many people give to others and then expect something from those same people. It does not work like that. In order to attract abundance, you have to give to others selflessly.

Business people give to charity, maybe because they genuinely care, or maybe they understand that they have to share in order to receive more. Religious leaders use Bible verses about giving and receiving as a guide to their following. Life coaches give testimonies about having basically nothing, but were still helping others, and then rising to riches in the future.

If you are already a caring, selfless person, then this step should come natural for you. However, if you find it hard to give and not receive immediately, then you have something to work on. The act of giving food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, advice, companionship, or money to others can change someone’s life and also lighten your mood. Metal Visa Cards

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These are the 5 steps to take when applying the Law of Attraction into your life. If you find yourself thinking about the past or having negative thoughts, then recite the list of things for which you are grateful to change your mood immediately. Move right into focussing on future goals and believing that you have already accomplished them. Give to others as if you have nothing to lose, and learn to master having the feeling of love in your heart all the time.


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