Speak more clearly
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Things you should consider doing to speak more clearly

Frequently slurring words can be frustrating. Seemingly being a clumsy speaker often doesn’t help social or even professional prospects either. Therefore, if you feel an imperative need to speak more clearly, then such matters are undoubtedly worth resolving at the first opportunity.

It could improve everything from the quality of your friendships to the scale of your livelihood in future. Fortunately, you have many options at your disposal, depending on your circumstances. We’ve listed a few pursuits below that may help you speak more clearly.

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Do these to speak more clearly

Update your face masks

The worst of the pandemic seems to be over. Still, not everybody is willing to dispense with face masks yet, understandably wishing to be safe than sorry.

One of the common complaints around face masks has been the muffled speech they can seem to cause. It could be that wearing yours suppresses some of what you wish to say. However, studies from last year highlighted masks that were best for communication, so it may be worth reviewing that or an updated listicle and then making a few choice purchases.

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Consider dentistry

Much of how you speak can be to do with the size and shape of your mouth. Not everything is out of your control here, either.

For example, one of the perks of having braces for an overbite is fixing issues with speech clarity. It may also relieve jaw pain and fix any emotional and self-esteem issues you may have had. Such things can influence the clarity of your speech, among other more important things, such as your well-being. Get started with affordable overbite treatment by taking ALIGNERCO’s free online survey.

Ask others for assurances if you’re unsure. Remember, braces and other related dental treatments are exceedingly common, even in adults.

Take a course

There is an intellectual approach one can take to speechcraft. Courses in drama, literature, and business often involve a speech component.

Why not refine your speaking abilities in such circumstances? You can be mentored in your objectives, chart your progress, and learn the nuts and bolts of making yourself more prominent in a dialogue. Everything from posture to enunciation can be perfected to better your speech.

Of course, there’s also the added benefit of meeting new people under these circumstances. If muddled phrases are partly down to nerves or anxiety, being around new people may help you come out of your shell and thus speak more clearly in the future.

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Reject filler words

Speaking clearly is not about talking more. Often, the best messages are relayed with as few words as possible, which means filler words may need to be omitted from your vocabulary from here on.

After all, some speech experts believe filler words indicate immaturity from the speaker. Arguably, such impressions will muddle what you’re attempting to convey through your speech and misrepresent your character and speaking. People may be focussed on the filler words that lead to nothing rather than the main thrust of your conversation. 

Instead of using a filler word, pause, even if the amount of time you break for is slightly on the longer side. You can time these moments strategically, giving time for your ideas to breathe and for your audience to comprehend all that has been discussed thus far.


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