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Successful entrepreneur: Schedule your day right

Following your dreams to become a successful entrepreneur may be the best move you have made. You are on the road to doing what you love, making the money you want, working on your time and just being your own boss.

Many people start their business venture on the side while working at a company to help them to fund their business which is great.

Unfortunately, becoming a successful entrepreneur is not that simple. It takes a lot of money that you may not have, countless hours, sleepless nights, continuous search for support from family members and friends, facing disappointments, and having an everlasting feeling of hopelessness.

Added to this load, you have to continue being an efficient worker at your job which can be stressful. Here is a guide on how to schedule your day to become a successful entrepreneur.

5 tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur

1. Identify personal, social and business activities

Clearly knowing what is important in your life helps you to eliminate distractions. You will not waste unnecessary time on trivial matters that do not contribute to adding fuel to your mission to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

When you can see your personal, social and business life on paper, it will set you on the right path to doing what is necessary for your business. Create a table with 3 headings or use 3 different pages and write Personal, Social and Business at the top.

Under Personal, list the activities that you do for yourself, your immediate family and your relatives. Under Social, write down the activities you do with friends, co-workers and associates. The Business heading represents your venture.

This is because your business is your baby and the company that you work for finances it. The hours spent and income earned at your workplace are supporters in your business plan.

2. List the tasks to do your job

You already know the tasks that are set out for you at your workplace. Similarly, you need to have tasks set out for you to work on your business. This requires you to understand the aspects of running a business since having an idea is just the beginning.

Before developing a product or service that you are passionate about, you should do market research to see if there is a need for it. Your business plan must be clear and you have to spend some time on your marketing strategies.

Make a very long numbered list of all the duties that need to be performed to make your business successful. Focus a bit on the 7 Ps of marketing – people, product, packaging/physical environment, price, place, promotion and process.

If some of the tasks involve skills that you do not have, put them on the list also with the words “Learn to” before them. You will find a video, article, short course or an app on any topic that you do not know on the internet.

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3. Make a work time table

Creating a time table for your business with odd hours and weekends is a very challenging task. You have to utilise the time available before and after the 8-hour shift at your job to balance your personal, social and entrepreneurship life.

This is the point where most entrepreneurs become lackadaisical. Free time means doing chores, paying bills, caring for and running errands for loved ones, and barely finding time to do something relaxing. Additionally, it is tough to argue with stress, tiredness, and sleep.

To do this successfully, you have to make a work time table with your limited hours. Be realistic and assign times that allow you to work comfortably at home.

You may have the urge to work 8 hours on your business just like you do at your job. But remember that your time spent at that company is also time spent on earning an income for your business.

There is no need to work for 16 hours of your day. Changing your mood towards your place of work will reduce your stress levels and give you the energy you may need to manage odd hours at home.

4. Create consequences

One reason you are a great employee at your place of work is that you follow all the rules and meet the expectations of the company. You are always punctual, diligent, determined, respectful, and have a perfect attendance record.

The employees who lack your work ethics usually face consequences such as warning letters, less hours, pay cuts, reduced benefits, and termination. These penalties keep order in a company causing employees to perform at their best subconsciously.

It is true that you are aiming to be your own boss with no pressure from others. But that does not mean the pressure disappears. It means that you are now the boss who set rules for you to follow and consequences to keep you in check.

Stick to the work time table that you have created for your business. If you start later than your schedule, miss a day of working because something came up, or do not complete a task, then penalise yourself for poor work performance.

Take away your personal privileges like listening to music, watching a movie, using social media or playing a video game and use that time to complete unfinished tasks.

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5. Plan your personal and social life

A successful entrepreneur is one who balances work with play. Remember, there is plenty more to life than work. Killing out yourself trying to meet goals that seem unreachable while neglecting your personal and social life is a bad idea.

Your mental and physical health is far more important than your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The people in your life who need your love, support, and quality time should be taken seriously.

Plan your day carefully. A healthy lifestyle is required for a tight schedule. Set specific times to eat balanced meals, exercise and take your supplements.

Allocate fixed days and times to doing chores and running errands. It will be useful to use your lunch hour every day at your workplace to achieve some tasks. Finally, assign appropriate hours to spend quality time with family and friends.

Make yourself available for the people you love for at least 2 hours a day from Monday to Saturday. Give them part of Sunday and take the rest for yourself because you have another challenging week ahead.


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