Interior Design Mosaics

4 Interior design trends that will dominate in 2023 – Mozaico

Minimalist designs and neutral hues reigned in the last few years of interior design. However, as we enter 2023, it feels that overall preferences and how people see their homes start to change, inviting bolder design solutions and more candid expressions of homeowners’ personalities.

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Chady Tawil, CEO of handcrafted mosaic company Mozaico, reflects on the four biggest interior design trends that will impact wall and floor decorations this year – and beyond.

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4 Biggest interior design trends for 2023

Bold kitchens, full of personality

Gone are the times of plain white or gray kitchens – while minimalism is indeed timeless, bolder, more expressive kitchens will be all the rage in 2023. 

“At Mozaico, we see more and more customers choosing handcrafted mosaics for their kitchen backsplash, featuring vibrant colours and more complex designs. Overall, it’s clear that the customers are slowly distancing themselves from a ‘greige’ colour palette while reconsidering their home spaces, the kitchen becoming one of the most expensive rooms in the house,” – shares Tawil.

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Interior Design Mosaics

Deep, bold hues

The longing for a more vibrant colour palette goes beyond the kitchen, entering other rooms and being reflected in various design objects and furniture. From Pantone Colour of the Year – Viva Magenta – to other trends and predictions, everything points at deeper, bolder hues, such as deep red, green, and blue, becoming increasingly popular over the next twelve months. 

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“Such colour accents work incredibly well in already minimalist or neutral interiors – so if you stuck to neutrals over the past years and now want to add more depth to your room design, this is a great strategy for a start. An intricately-designed mosaic rug, for example, can become such an accent and add value to your home long-term,” continues Tawil.

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Interior Design Mosaics

Decorated laundry rooms

Jewel-box laundry rooms have been having a moment recently. And, while folding laundry might not be one’s favourite task, decorating a laundry room adds some fun to the chore!

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“When decorating such spaces as bathrooms or laundry rooms, where the walls and the floor will interact with water, soap and cleaning chemicals quite often, it’s crucial to choose materials that can withstand the harsh conditions. Mosaics are made from durable materials such as natural stone and mosaic glass, can be easily adapted to any size of room, and will last a lifetime. For laundry room decoration, we recommend such pieces as mosaic borders or smaller mosaic rugs – these will instantly bring more life to the space and will be easy to maintain,” – adds Tawil.

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Interior Design Mosaics

Colourful mosaics and textured tiles

Homeowners are moving away from plain, monochrome, or neutral-coloured tiles to more unusual and textured materials. Natural stone slabs, textured tiles, and colourful mosaics will be in fashion this year for backsplash designs. A curious alternative for those looking for a mix of texture and craftsmanship is a voluminous mosaic made from natural marble stones, such as Pietre Mosaic Fruit Bowl.

Interior Design Mosaics

“While being an ancient art, mosaics have never been out of fashion. However, it is exciting to see how it is experiencing fresh interest from both homeowners and interior designers and how it fits into modern interiors,” – concludes Tawil.

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