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Buy plasterboard before dramatic price increase says Build4Less

The construction industry has not escaped the inflation from the perfect storm of the conflict in Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors that caused us to have seen dramatically rising costs across all sectors of life. Builders are bracing themselves in the face of a dramatic price increase in Plasterboard.

Build4Less, a leading online retailer of building materials, had issued a warning that prices for plasterboard were set to increase by as much as 25% in July. This follows similar price increases for cement, insulation and other key construction materials.

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What’s more, with the current pressure on availability and increases in raw materials, energy, and labour costs, estimates suggest that price inflation will continue to be a major issue across industries as we progress through this year.

Build4Less is urging customers to purchase plasterboard and other vital materials sooner rather than later because of these rising rates. You may do so via the Build4Less website at

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Previous plasterboard price increase

July’s price increase in construction materials were by no means be the first significant increase we’ve seen in recent years. Supply chains across a variety of industries have already seen major flux and uncertainty due to the fallout from the global coronavirus pandemic – an example of this is paper, a key material in the production of plasterboard, which was in short supply last year due to the increased demand for shipping packaging.

While this is no longer the case, other factors such as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and soaring fuel prices have added to – and continue to add to – this supply chain instability as manufacturers struggle to produce and transport materials.

Government statistics state that construction materials prices increased steadily throughout 2021, with contractors paying on average a fifth more for critical products and components by the end of the year. 2022 is unfortunately shaping up to look very similar in terms of increasing prices across the board.

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Purchase plasterboard today

Build4Less are encouraging people to purchase plasterboard before price increases, if possible, in order to obtain better value on materials and reduce overall construction costs.

The online retailer was founded with the goal in mind of offering an excellent variety of products to meet all your construction project needs – all in one place. The company stocks everything from plasterboard, bricks and mortar to tools, equipment and more.

Build4Less understands that quality should be paramount when it comes to building materials, as they are literally the foundation of every project and have a direct impact on the end result.

This is why the team there has always strived to offer products that they have thoroughly researched and truly believe to be the best in the industry, capable of satisfying customers and producing top project results.

What’s more, by sourcing these products straight from the original manufacturers, Build4Less can offer customers brilliant value for money with some of the most competitive prices on the market today.

To get your hands on premium plasterboard and other materials for your next construction project, check out the Build4Less website today!

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More information

Build4Less is a top online retailer of quality building materials and construction supplies based in the UK. They provide professional builders and DIY enthusiasts with everything they need to get the job done, all in one place.

To find out more about the company, please head over to the website at If you wish to get in touch with the team there, please call 020 3481 1978 or email



3rd Floor 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH, United Kingdom

– Globe Newswire, London


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