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Revamping your nursery? 6 tricks for choosing a safe paint

The nursery helps create a calming and relaxing environment for your baby. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it child-friendly and safe as much as possible. Revamping the interior paintings with a safe paint may bring a fresh and light feel to your newborn’s room. Here is why it is important to choose the safest option for your family.


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Harmful effects of paint exposure

Paint is one of the most common and the most dangerous household products used. It can cause skin irritations, allergic reactions, and even toxic fumes when exposed to it for long periods.

In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified paint as a carcinogen for bladder and lung cancer due to its dangers. Unfortunately, children are not excluded from this list, as they are more susceptible to health risks.

Most paints leave a toxic residue that can cause serious harm to your child’s health and safety. They are also toxic and may cause eye irritation and even brain damage in infants if exposed to them for too long. This is why it is crucial to choose child-friendly paints to help protect your baby.

What can you do?

Repainting your home can be tricky, especially with children around. So here are a few tricks to choose a safe paint to protect your baby and minimise the risk of paint poisoning in your family.

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6 Tricks for choosing a safe paint

Watch out for VOCs

VOCs or volatile organic compounds are usually found in paint, varnish, hydraulic fluids, and other cleaning products.

Prolonged exposure to this chemical can cause your child severe health and respiratory problems, including asthma, chronic coughs, and shortness of breath.

To protect them from these harmful effects, consider checking the paint label and going for products with low or zero VOC paints and finishes.

Avoid APE paints

Alkylphenol ethoxylates or APE are chemicals found in paints that can be toxic to children.

According to experts, they also cause developmental and reproductive effects on rats and are usually present in acrylic paints.

Therefore, if you’re buying paints for your child’s room, products containing this chemical should be avoided at all times.

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No to Formaldehyde paints

Formaldehyde is a dangerous chemical known to cause several health issues when inhaled or ingested. It is also linked to cancer of the nasal cavity and bronchial passages, eye damage, and diarrhoea.

In addition, children with asthma are at high risk of experiencing these symptoms when exposed to formaldehyde fumes in their homes. Therefore, it’s best to read labels carefully and watch out for these harmful chemicals.

Go for organic paints

Organic paints have fewer harmful chemicals and are more environmentally friendly and safe to use. They also last longer and do not require any additional maintenance. Additionally, they release fewer toxins when exposed to high heat.

You can also use oil-based paints since they contain low levels of toxic chemicals and cannot irritate your child’s skin even if exposed to them for long periods. Water-based paints also have fewer VOCs and contain more organic compounds safe for your child’s skin.

Keep your child out of the house

Limiting your child’s exposure indoors during and after your painting session will save them from breathing in harmful fumes. You may also keep the windows open during the day to help reduce the number of chemicals present.

If you are painting in a home with poor ventilation, you may need to install air purifiers and HEPA filters to exhaust the harmful fumes from your paint. This will help ensure that your child remains safe while in the house.

Paint colours matter

Colours stimulate a child’s brain leading to better skills and learning development. Since this will be the first and last thing they’ll see throughout their day, it’s good to choose a safe paint with easy colours for your child’s delicate eyes.

This means staying away from bright and neon colours such as red, yellow, and orange. Instead, choose soft hues such as blues and greens or aim for the neutrals to create a soothing environment for your child.

Moreover, warm colours can brighten an otherwise dark room without clashing with other decors. They can also be used as a base paint on wall dĂ©cor once your baby is old enough to explore more colours. Of course, if you are not sure about the colour of paint you should use, it’s best to ask your child’s pediatrician.

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Decorating a baby’s nursery is a great way to help your child feel secure and loved. It will also help them sleep better and create a perfect environment to grow up in. Since this is where your baby will spend most of their time, the room must be child-friendly with a safe paint.

Of course, there are many ways to go about this. However, one of the most important things you can do is research paint brands and colours thoroughly before bringing them into your baby’s room.


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