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School for employees to reach the next level

Everyone dreams of a better salary. In most cases, the one hurdle is qualification for the new job that would provide the better salary. Time may also be a problem as there never seems to be enough time in the day. One solution may be to go to school online.

Online school was frowned upon, and was viewed as a diluted version of the real school experience. 2020 has changed all preconceived notions on the matter. Social distancing and stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19 have made remote work and school not only an option but a necessity.

A school with blended learning, in-person and online

AION Academy Learning Centre Partners offers a breadth of training solutions to suit your learning needs. Whether you are an individual looking to skill up and get your next role or a manager needing to boost your team’s skills, this is for you. They offer blended learning, in-person, and online. Sharpen your skills with in-depth training solutions. These combine video, hands-on labs, and Accredited Certification preparation to help you take yourself to the next level.

Available courses

Project Management

Microsoft Office Suite

Instructor Induction

Marketing & Sales

Project Management III Advanced

Project Management II Intermediate

Project Management I Fundamentals

Microsoft Publisher Essentials Training

Microsoft Project Essentials Training

Microsoft Share Point Essentials Training

Microsoft One Note Essentials Training

Microsoft Outlook Essential Training

MATLab Essentials Training

Microsoft Word Essential Training

Formulating Personal Strategy

Formulating Organisational Strategy

Entrepreneurship Workshop

Business Strategy Workshop

Solid Works Essential Training

Safety In The Workplace

Inventory Management

Risk Management

Entrepreneurship 101

Communication Strategies

Coaching Sales People

Call Center Training

Quickbooks Online Essential Training

Business Process Management

Administrative Office Procedures

Microsoft Excel Essential Training

Adobe Illustrator Essential Training

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Color

Graphic Design Fundamentals

Graphic Design Typography

Graphic Design Layout & Composition

Photoshop Essential Training

Photography Speciality Lenses

Photography Flash

AutoCAD Essential Training

Biology | CXC | CSEC – Online Course

Human & Social Biology | CXC | CSEC – Online Course

History | CXC | CSEC – Online Course

Principles of Business | CXC | CSEC – Online Course

Principles of Accounts | CXC | CSEC – Online Course

Spanish | CXC | CSEC – Online Course

Agricultural Science | CXC | CSEC – Online Course

School offers free courses

Gmail Essential Training

Become a Pro at Gmail Email Service with tutorials on the full range of features.

Google Classroom Essential Training

Learn the essentials of Google Forms. A free, easy, and fun way to collect data online.

Google Forms Essential Training

Learn the essentials of Google Forms. A free, easy, and fun way to collect data online.

Google Meet Essential Training

Learn how to use Google Meet, a G Suite videoconferencing solution for small and large meeting sizes.

How to Find a Job

Trying to find a job online but don’t know where to begin? Finding a job online is the best way to go about your search!

Sales Fundamentals

Get actionable sales tips, tactics, and advice in this audio-only course.

Slack Essential Training

Learn to collaborate seamlessly with Slack, the popular team messaging tool.

Trello Essential Training

Learn how to organize your own work and collaborate on projects with your team using Trello.

Women In Leadership

Gain an insight into how women are changing the workplace and the benefits unlocked.

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