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Iguana in my mango tree in Felicity

By Candida Khan. There is an empty lot behind our house that is abandoned in Felicity. The grass has grown tall and it has become a shelter for animals like the iguana. We saw two iguanas living there, and I would romantically think of them as probably being husband and wife. A fire started a few weeks ago and the animals that lived in that tall grass couldn’t have survived, or so we thought.

Iguana multiple shades of green

I was sitting behind my computer, doing assignments for school when I heard the dogs barking at something. I quickly ran downstairs and heard some noises on the galvanised roof.

Looking up at the nearby mango tree, a baby iguana appeared. It was such a happy sight! I called my mum and excitedly pointed out the little green reptile to her. The two iguanas we saw probably had a family in the tall grass. One survived! It was gorgeous! There were multiple shades of green on it. It looked so pretty climbing the mango tree.

Iguana in my mango tree by Candida Khan

The iguana is quiet, alert and hyper

I’m so glad that the iguana survived. According to sources, there has been a reduction in the iguana population locally as they are hunted and eaten in Trinidad and Tobago. The green iguana is a reptile that mostly eats plant material. They spend their days lying in the cool. They are great swimmers.

These reptiles are always quiet, alert, hyper and aware of their surroundings. They usually sleep at night and are active during the day. How comforting to know that nature is alive and well, even in the heart of a bustling urban area.

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