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Emmerson: Men, be more romantic!

By Kielon Hilaire. “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superville!” His first name is Emmerson and he is from Arima. He bears no reference to the once popular TV series Smallville despite his fancy name and the ring he wears with the Superman “S” logo. He works in the construction industry by day and saves relationships at night with advice on how to be romantic. He is well known for his ability to secretly save or sustain love where it otherwise might not exist.

Emmerson claims that one of his secrets to sustaining relationships is to always tell people exactly as it is, even if it means not softening the blow. He recalled the story of a man who once came to him for advice upon realising that his girlfriend had been losing interest. Emmerson quickly asked the guy to hand over his cell phone and in five seconds he typed up a message then told the man to send it to his girlfriend. To this date the couple is still together.

He explained that lack of genuine effort from either person is what causes a relationship to fail eventually but if you continuously personalise your relationship based on each other’s needs you may find love forever. He also mentioned that you should never get comfortable with someone to the point that you stop trying hard enough.

He then shared some of his personal and successful attempts to keep romance alive which include randomly cooking a three course meal in his backyard while dressed in a tuxedo, creating an indoor picnic in his bedroom with candles lit all around, designing a birthday cake that was based off a woman’s favourite pair of shoes and giving the gift of a miniature candy machine that contained M&Ms imprinted with her smiling face on each piece. This guy definitely knows how to be romantic.

We live in a time where it seems that the average person is focussed mostly on being an individual but Emmerson said, “There is nothing better than love. Without love we will never feel complete and as much as we may think we can face the world on our own, sooner or later we will want someone to be there to catch us when we fall, whether we want to admit it or not.”

Emmerson tells men, 'Keep the romance alive'!
Keeping the romance alive

Seek out a romantic partner, don’t just settle

He then went on to say, “My advice for people looking for love is to do not settle. Please! Some people want love so badly the first thing they see that kinda looks like love they grab onto it and hold on for dear life. But you need to be sure of what you are getting into. Also, if real love is what you’re looking for then you may need to forego some notions on being romantic such as he or she has to look a certain way or has to have a certain job else what you would most likely end up with is a temporary working companionship.”

Emmerson is very quick on the draw when it comes to being romantic as he is able to use words, art and spontaneity to sweep his woman off her feet. He also has aspirations to one day open up a card business that will help others say what they need to say to their loved ones without them having to resort to generic “I love you” cards that he deems are highly impersonal.

What Emmerson would like people to know most of all is that love is not exclusive to fairy tales no matter your past experiences, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, whether or not you believe in the validity of February 14 is not what is important. Using something, anything, as a starting point to progressively build a loving relationship is far more significant.

And ladies, this “Superman” is already taken by his “Lois Lane”, the romanced Sonya Sandy. Those of you still in search of that special feeling know that you only need to keep your heart free and your mind open as every day is a new chance to be super and to rise in love.

February 2015 – Issue 14

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