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CXC/CSEC exam tips for students ready or not

You have reached the end of your secondary level education and must now face your examinations in May and June. It is time to write the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) / Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams. Whether you are prepared or not, you will be writing, shading or drawing something to submit. Here are some useful tips to help all students get through the CXC/CSEC exams smoothly.

Don’t cram for CXC/CSEC exam, spot study

If you try to memorise your entire text book the night before exam, then you are wasting your time. You will spend hours doing mindless reading to remember possibly only the last paragraph you have read.

If you are not prepared, try spot studying. This system requires you to spot key ideas, discuss them aloud, apply them to real-life scenarios and answer questions. Since the CXC/CSEC exams have many questions it is better to be fully prepared for some rather than none.

Don’t burn the midnight oil, sleep well

The days for burning the midnight oil are long gone. Now, it is time to go to bed early. Writing the CXC/CSEC exams require you to be awake and alert. Going to bed after 12 a.m. during this period is depriving yourself of the sleep needed to do so – source.

If you do not sleep properly, make changes immediately and get the rest needed for writing the CXC/CSEC exams. Cut down on your social media and liming time on evenings to get to bed before 8 p.m. Next morning, you will be guaranteed to feel refreshed and ready to perform at your best.

Don’t skip meals, feed the brain

Some students get carried away studying nonstop and forgetting to eat meals. Unless your religion has trained you to function while fasting, then there is no point studying on an empty stomach. It is possible to develop gas, feel lethargic, light-headed, nauseated and depressed. If you feel the need to work without stopping, always keep a bag of treats near your books. Have some granola bars, baby carrots, crackers or brownies to snack on every half hour and keep hydrated.

Don’t stress over CXC/CSEC, calm yourself

During the CXC/CSEC exams, many students become super stressed. Teenagers have been known to lose their hair, drop weight, break out in acne and suffer severe depression. Firstly, Students need to take off the pressure by understanding that CXC/CSEC exams are just academic tests and not a death sentence.

Secondly, they need to face the real reason they are feeling stressed. As the saying goes, if you have failed to prepare, then prepare to fail. At this point, you can only do your best so there is no use worrying over the inevitable.

Lastly, you may not perform well under pressure. Start doing some breathing exercises, stretches and listening to calming music to get ready to do your best. Remember, you can always try again next year if you are unhappy with your results.

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