Why employers should use Ziprecruiter

The fact that ZipRecruiter holds the esteemed position of being the number one rated hiring site in the United States should come as no astonishment. But, the question remains: How does ZipRecruiter operate?

ZipRecruiter undertakes the task of circulating job postings to an impressive array of over 100 job boards, effectively establishing a connection between users and qualified candidates in a rapid manner.


Diverging from conventional job posting platforms, ZipRecruiter adopts a proactive stance. It avoids relying solely on candidates stumbling upon job listings and submitting applications.

Upon the user’s job posting, ZipRecruiter’s sophisticated targeting technology springs into action.

It meticulously scans through extensive repositories, encompassing millions of resumes and profiles belonging to job seekers within the ZipRecruiter ecosystem, as well as throughout the vast network of 100+ job boards.

What sets it apart is not just scanning, but the active approach of inviting candidates who match the desired qualifications.

With the presence of such advanced technology, it’s no marvel that an impressive 80% of employers who opt for ZipRecruiter to post their vacancies witness the arrival of a fitting candidate within the initial day. This encapsulates the essence of how ZipRecruiter functions.

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Find Qualified Candidates Fast

  • #1 rated hiring site in the U.S.
  • #1 rated job search app on iOS and Android
  • 110 Million+ job seekers have used ZipRecruiter
  • 2.8 Million+ businesses have used ZipRecruiter
  • Your job ads reach over 12 Million+ candidates a week, wherever they are.

In its unique approach, ZipRecruiter was purposefully designed to swiftly connect users with candidates possessing the necessary experience. Initiating the process is a straightforward endeavour.

The platform provides personalised templates that comprehensively assist users in crafting their job postings. Notably setting it apart from other platforms, ZipRecruiter doesn’t simply rely on candidates stumbling upon listings.

Upon posting a job, its advanced matching technology proactively scours millions of resumes and job seeker profiles both within the ZipRecruiter database and across its extensive network of over 100 job boards. This technology actively extends invitations to qualified candidates, encouraging them to apply.

Upon the influx of applications into the user’s dashboard, the platform diligently evaluates each submission. It effectively highlights the most promising candidates, streamlining the process and ensuring that no exceptional matches go unnoticed.

Moreover, when users assign a positive rating to candidates, ZipRecruiter’s targeting technology learns from this feedback, refining its search for candidates boasting the preferred skills and experience. This iterative process continues until the ideal candidate is pinpointed.

With its intelligent technology, it’s no surprise that a significant 80 percent of employers who utilise ZipRecruiter to post jobs secure high-quality candidates within the first day. As a testament to its efficacy, ZipRecruiter proudly holds the top ranking as the premier hiring site in the United States. Unquestionably, ZipRecruiter stands as the epitome of astute hiring solutions.

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How ZipRecruiter Works for Enterprise

Everything you need to source talent at scale.

ZipRecruiter services

ZipRecruiter for job seekers

By employing the “one-click apply” feature, individuals in search of employment can swiftly submit their applications for a role by utilising their stored resume. Discovering these job openings is facilitated through browsing the ZipRecruiter website or utilising the mobile app.

ZipRecruiter offers the assistance of “Phil”, its AI recruiter, who aids candidates in identifying suitable opportunities, promotes their resumes to potential employers, and extends invitations to apply for relevant positions.

Upon an employer’s review of an application, an immediate notification is dispatched to the candidate, ensuring they are kept informed about their position in the recruitment process.


ZipRecruiter for employers

Apart from publishing your available job vacancy across a network exceeding 100 job websites, ZipRecruiter also dispatches job alert emails and mobile notifications to potential candidates.

Depending on your chosen subscription, you can utilise the TrafficBoost feature, which aids in swiftly filling urgent or challenging-to-fill positions.

 The premium-tier plan seamlessly integrates with your external applicant tracking system, ensuring you are consistently updated about the status of candidates.

For those uncertain about constructing a job posting, ZipRecruiter boasts over 500 adaptable job description templates.

Additionally, ZipRecruiter offers screening questions that can be incorporated into your job posting. This approach streamlines the candidate sorting process, allowing you to focus exclusively on the most qualified individuals.


ZipRecruiter cost

The pricing structure offered by ZipRecruiter is refreshingly transparent, ensuring that you have complete clarity regarding your expenses when you commence posting job openings. This stands in stark contrast to the competition, where most users are charged based on a predetermined advertising budget that depletes as candidates interact with or click on your job listings. To access the pricing details, the first step is to create an account.

The pricing model is contingent on the number of job postings required. Following the conclusion of the free trial, the Standard plan is priced at $16 per day per job, while the Premium plan is available at $24 per day per job.


Payment is processed using the credit card you provide on file, either when your bill reaches $500 or upon cancellation, whichever comes first.

For those who opt out of the four-day trial and anticipate a prolonged duration for filling their positions, ZipRecruiter offers an alternative: the discounted monthly rate.

Under this scheme, you pay a fixed monthly fee for each job posting. The rates are as follows: $299 per job per month for the Standard plan, $419 per job per month for the Premium plan, and $719 per job per month for the Pro plan.


The benefits of using Ziprecruiter as an employer

ZipRecruiter’s standout feature lies in its AI matching capability, a valuable tool that streamlines the process of finding suitable candidates. This eliminates the need for spending extensive hours sifting through a database of resumes.

Additionally, with the Premium option, users gain the advantage of accessing a downloadable resume database if that aligns with their preference. Exploring the platform’s offerings is risk-free during the initial four-day trial period.

Upon posting a job on ZipRecruiter, it automatically gains visibility across a network spanning over 100 job sites. This expanded reach significantly enhances the potential to identify the right applicants.

Moreover, the platform equips users with a plethora of job templates, making the initiation process seamless. Its user-friendly interface ensures that you could potentially start receiving applications within mere minutes of posting a job.


Should you use Ziprecruiter?

If you’re seeking a straightforward job posting solution that’s both user-friendly and offers quick access to applicants, ZipRecruiter could potentially align well with your needs. However, the suitability also hinges on the nature of the job roles you’re looking to fill.

ZipRecruiter tends to excel in catering to specialised, entry-level, or manual labour positions, whereas it’s relatively less prominent for more advanced professional roles.


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