Best countries for remote work
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Best countries for remote work – Germany, Denmark, US – research

The best countries for remote work are Germany, followed by Denmark, the USA, Spain, Lithuania, Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia, Singapore, and France. This is according to the Global Remote Work Index by NordLayer, a business security solution by Nord Security. The report evaluated 66 countries in total.

The full list of the best countries for remote work is available here:

Best countries for remote work - Germany, Denmark, US

Attributes of best countries for remote work

The index was compiled by assessing and comparing the countries using four index dimensions. Together, they combine various detailed attributes (or sub-dimensions) that help evaluate general remote-work attractiveness:

1. Cybersecurity — infrastructure, response, and legal measures.

2. Economic and social conditions — safety, tourism attractiveness, English proficiency, cost of living, and healthcare.

3. Digital and physical infrastructure — internet quality, affordability, e-infrastructure, e-government, physical infrastructure, and co-working spaces.

4. COVID-19 response — vaccination and response rates.

Best countries for remote work

Research details of best countries for remote work

The cybersecurity category is dominated by small EU countries

Countries perform differently in each category. The cybersecurity category is dominated by smaller European countries, such as Slovakia, the Baltic states Lithuania and Estonia, and Greece. EU member states took the top 18 places in cybersecurity.

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Affordability requires compromising on safety

Canada, the UK, Portugal, the USA, and Germany, respectively, are the five most favorable countries for remote work regarding economic and social conditions. However, countries’ levels of wealth don’t guarantee cybersafety.

Although such countries as Malta, New Zealand, and the UAE rank relatively high in economic and social conditions, they experience higher cybersecurity risks than other countries with similar economic and social conditions.

The index shows that remote workers willing to find a cheaper location to relocate will have to compromise on aspects like general safety or the level of English spoken in the country.

South Korea and Singapore are easy to be in digitally and physically

Internet accessibility and quality are a must for a person to be able to work without worry. Therefore, the digital and physical infrastructure metric was very important when compiling the index. According to this metric, South Korea and Singapore are at the top, followed by the United Arab Emirates, Denmark, and Switzerland.

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Remote work — a rising trend everywhere

Remote work has been a subject of discussion for a while now, with companies like Airbnb announcing full remote work, but employers like Elon Musk deeming remote work “unproductive.”

“Nevertheless, the trend is clear — ever since the beginning of COVID-19, remote or hybrid work has become inevitable even in those companies that previously preached the importance of face-to-face interactions,” says Juta Gurinaviciute, chief technology officer at NordLayer.

“This is why NordLayer carried out this detailed analysis and decided to publish the Global Remote Work Index. We took into account all of the fundamental parameters that countries must meet while researching the best countries to work in remotely by thoroughly evaluating a range of data. The Global Remote Work Index puts emphasis on the safety and reliability of both the physical and digital environment. It also gave special attention to cybersecurity. In this regard, it is an excellent resource for remote employees who wish to relocate or work in a nation other than that of their current residence.”

Best countries for remote work

How to work remotely securely

For those choosing to work remotely, Gurinaviciute suggests remembering some practical tips for staying secure — even if the country is high up in the cybersecurity ranking:

  1. Use a separate device and accounts for work. To avoid creating risks for your company’s IT infrastructure, it’s best you keep your personal and professional devices separate. The same goes for user accounts. Laptops issued by your employer should contain security tools needed for protection. Make sure all your software is up to date so that you don’t miss out on important security upgrades. If you have only one device for both personal and work purposes, consider partitioning its hard drive.
  2. Keep your home network secure. Make sure your router is password protected and you use a reliable VPN (virtual private network) to secure your internet connection. A VPN significantly reduces outsiders’ ability to intercept your data and target what you do online. If your company doesn’t use a business VPN, you can always subscribe to a user-friendly solution for individual use.
  3. Rethink your passwords. According to research by NordPass, the most popular password in the US is “123456.” This is an incredibly dangerous habit. Never reuse your passwords. Instead, create a complex and unique password for every account. If your work or personal account gets compromised in a data breach, you’ll need to change only one password. This way, all your other accounts will remain safe from credential stuffing attempts. To safely store this vast number of passwords, start using a password manager.
Remote Careers

Methodology: The Global Remote Work Index by NordLayer was conducted based on four dimensions that focus on countries’ cybersecurity environment, economic and social conditions, digital and physical infrastructure, and Covid-19 response and handling. To find more about the index, please visit:

About Nordlayer

NordLayer is an adaptive network access security solution for businesses. It helps organizations of all sizes to fulfill scaling and integration challenges. Moving towards an ever-evolving SASE ecosystem, NordLayer is quick and easy to implement with existing infrastructure, is hardware free, and is designed for scaling. As a cloud-native solution with an easy-to-use interface, NordLayer offers protection to businesses of any size, complexity, or work model, including remote or hybrid workplaces. More information:

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