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12 Valued reasons governments should encourage remote work

The move to encourage remote work has gained significant attention in recent years due to its numerous potential benefits.

Though there are calls for workers to stay in the confines of cubicles where they can be supervised in person, the benefits of remote work far outweigh any hypothetical negatives. 

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Here are 12 reasons governments should encourage remote work, both in government offices and by implementing policies that encourage the private sector to do so.

12 Reasons governments should encourage remote work

#1. Reduced ‘brain drain’ effects

As more individuals choose to work remotely from their home countries, the phenomenon of brain drain can be diminished, if not completely eliminated. This helps preserve the intellectual and human capital within these countries, which is crucial for long-term development.

Remote work allows highly skilled individuals to work for international companies while staying in their home countries. This reduces the incentive to leave in search of better job opportunities abroad, helping retain local talent.

When skilled professionals continue working within their home countries through remote arrangements, they contribute to the local economy by paying taxes, spending locally, and potentially investing in local businesses.

#2. Foreign exchange earner

Governments of lesser-developed countries should definitely encourage remote work as it has the potential to generate foreign exchange through various channels.

Remote work enables individuals in lesser-developed countries to tap into the global job market. They can work for international companies, clients, or employers located in more developed countries without needing to physically relocate. This allows them to earn income in foreign currencies, which contributes to foreign exchange reserves.

When individuals in lesser- developed countries earn income in foreign currencies (e.g., US dollars, euros), they typically need to convert these earnings into their local currency to cover their expenses. This involves currency exchange transactions, which contribute to foreign exchange flows.

Many remote work arrangements involve the use of online payment platforms and freelancing websites. These platforms facilitate cross-border transactions, converting foreign currency earnings into the local currency of the remote worker. This process involves fees and exchange rate differentials, which contribute to foreign exchange inflows.

Just like a country exports physical goods to earn foreign exchange, remote workers export their skills and services to earn income in foreign currencies. This income also adds to the foreign exchange reserves of the country.

Governments in lesser-developed countries must know that remote work can indirectly boost tourism and hospitality industries.

If remote workers from more developed countries choose to work from a destination in a lesser-developed country, as is currently being done in Fiji, they contribute to local economies by spending on accommodation, food, transportation, and other services.

This spending contributes to foreign exchange earnings. The local remote workers would also have more free time and disposable income to indulge in the activities offered by the hospitality industry.

As remote workers in lesser-developed countries earn income in foreign currencies, they contribute to increased consumer spending. This can lead to overall economic growth and attract foreign investors who see potential in a growing economy, further boosting foreign exchange reserves.


#3. Knowledge transfer

Remote workers often acquire skills and expertise while working for international clients or employers. They can then transfer these skills to their communities, local businesses and startups, which may expand and attract international investment.

This knowledge transfer can contribute to the development of local industries and encourage innovation. This, in turn, contributes to foreign exchange inflows.

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#4. Reduced traffic congestion and lower environmental impact

Governments should encourage remote work as it can help alleviate traffic congestion, reducing the strain on transportation infrastructure and improving air quality, ultimately leading to more sustainable communities.

With fewer people commuting to offices, there’s a decrease in carbon emissions from vehicles, contributing to environmental conservation and climate change mitigation. This would lead to improved physical and mental health of the working population overall.

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#5. Enhanced work-life balance

Remote work allows individuals to better balance their professional and personal lives. Governments should encourage remote work as this leads to improved mental well-being and reduced stress levels.

#6. Increased productivity

Many studies suggest that remote workers can be more productive due to reduced office distractions, personalised work environments, and flexible scheduling that caters to individual energy levels. Increased productivity is a great reason governments should encourage remote work.

#7. Access to a wider talent pool

Governments can tap into talent from various geographic regions, rather than being restricted to the local workforce. This can lead to more diverse and skilled teams.

#8. Encouragement of technological innovation

Remote work drives the demand for better communication and collaboration tools, leading to technological advancements that can benefit multiple sectors beyond remote work itself.

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#9. Empowerment of rural areas

Remote work can stimulate economic growth in rural areas by enabling individuals to work for global companies while living in areas with lower costs of living.

#10. Reduction in office space costs

Companies that adopt remote work models require less office space, which can lead to reduced rent and operational expenses, benefiting both businesses and local economies.

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#11. Increased inclusivity

Remote work can be particularly beneficial for people with disabilities, as it allows them to create a comfortable and accessible work environment that suits their needs. When governments encourage remote work, more people with disabilities can earn incomes and contribute to more spending in the economy.

#12. Resilience during crises

During situations like pandemics, natural disasters, or other emergencies, remote work can ensure business continuity and economic stability, as companies can continue operating even when physical offices are inaccessible.


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It’s important to note that while remote work offers numerous advantages, there are also challenges that need to be addressed, such as potential feelings of isolation, the need for clear communication strategies, and equitable access to remote work opportunities.

There are also issues accessing affordable banking facilities for persons from lesser developed countries. Therefore, governments should consider a balanced approach that supports both remote work and in-person work based on the needs of their citizens and the nature of different industries. A long-term policy where all the benefits of having a large pool of your labour stock working remotely can be maximised and not suffer any short comings.


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