Searching for job vacancies
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How to find job vacancies and be prepared for them

By Darius Soyer. Finding a job after you graduate from secondary school can be difficult especially when you’re unsure what should be done. Without guidance, you may take a long time searching for job vacancies and when you do find them, you learn that you are not prepared to apply. From my experience, I will say what are the best ways to find job vacancies and what things you should have to make this search easier.

Things you should have for job vacancies

These are some necessary and non-necessary things that will aid in your job search.  

Id Card – Having an Identification Card is absolutely necessary and is used in most if not all work places. This allows you to be identified and states things about you such as your name, nationality and date of birth.

Resume – Depending on the job, this may not always be needed but it is great to have when applying for jobs. It is an asset that properly identifies your capabilities and qualifications for employers to use when deciding to hire you or not.

Driver’s License – Not all jobs will require one but it is beneficial to have a driver’s license. Some jobs require drivers, like delivery drivers and some sales representatives. It is significant as you may be picked over others for that simple fact.

Computer Since all jobs are not in person or require intense physical labour, a computer is an important asset to have. Working from home becomes a possibility and it allows for more diversity in the jobs you can obtain.

How to find job vacancies


Sweet TnT Magazine –

Users of Sweet TnT Magazine forums post multiple job vacancies daily. The posts are made either by the companies that are hiring or by people who use the platform to share opportunities with those who are job hunting.

Job Opportunities Trinidad and Tobago (Facebook)

People post job vacancies around Trinidad and Tobago in the Facebook group called Job Opportunities Trinidad and Tobago. They try to help one another to be employed which in turn helps out the country little by little.


Daily newspapers like Trinidad Express, Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, and Trinidad and Tobago Newsday have classifieds that are not only used for advertising property but also job vacancies. These advertisements are put in the newspapers with instructions on how to apply. Regularly checking these are a good way to find jobs.

WhatsApp groups

Jobs in Trinidad –

This is one example of many groups available on WhatsApp. People in these groups frequently post job vacancies and are always searching for jobs to share. Whether you are looking to get a job or to fill vacancies these are things you should definitely check out. People post jobs that are looking for electricians, plumbers, teachers and more.

10 Valuable tech skills in demand

Do Work You Enjoy

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Send in your resume

Places hiring may place flyers on the outside of their building alerting people of their need for workers. If it takes your interest, go in, talk to people and you may walk out with an application.

If you believe that you are qualified for a job, it can never hurt to send your resume in to the Human Resources Manager of that place. Not all jobs are advertised, marketing yourself and gaining necessary skills can be a wonderful asset to have when looking for jobs. Put yourself out there and drop resumes off at businesses in which you are interested.

10 Valuable tech skills in demand

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In conclusion

Finding a job may be a daunting task, especially after just leaving school. Above are a few things that you may need, followed by ways that you can try obtaining a job. Every day, numerous job vacancies are posted from all over the world, whether it is remote, on-site or hybrid jobs. You are sure to find some if you use the advice given.


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