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10 Valuable tech skills in demand

By Darius Soyer. In the world that we currently live, technology plays an important role in the everyday lives of most people. There are so many jobs and skills needed nowadays to help with the progression of technology. This is why it would be a great benefit to obtain one or more skills in technology. Here are 10 tech skills that are in demand.

1. Machine learning

Machine learning is the study of computers and computer algorithms to have them learn over time, especially through the use of data and experience. Websites like, and are great places to get started, they have many in depth courses and are widely known. Give machine learning a try if it sounds interesting to you. Use one of the websites above for free to develop your tech skills.

10 Valuable tech skills in demand

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2. Mobile development

Mobile development also called mobile app development is the design, creation and maintenance of mobile applications. Start learning mobile app development for personal or professional use online at, or today.

3. SEO/SEM marketing

SEO/SEM marketing or search engine marketing is a form of online marketing that increases a website’s visibility on the results of a search engine. Using things like tags, keywords and appropriate titles that stand out are a big part of search engine marketing. Popular websites like and have courses in which you can learn SEO/SEM marketing and have the tech skills needed for a great job.

10 Valuable tech skills in demand

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4. Data visualisation

Data visualisation is the representation of information and data graphically through the use of graphs, charts and maps. Data visualisation helps in understanding trends, patterns and irregularities in data. Having tech skills that include data visualisation is an asset for the right position.

5. Data engineering

Data engineering is the creating/developing of systems to help with the gathering, storing and analysis of data. Data engineering is a large field that can be used or applied in almost every industry. Add this to your list of tech skills and be qualified for any job opportunity that comes your way.

10 Valuable tech skills in demand

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6. UI/UX design

User Interface (UI) design is used to bring together designs of visuals, interaction and the architecture of information. UI design takes account of what users might do and make sure that the interface is easy to interact with

User experience design uses evidence from research, data analysis, and tests to create a better user experience. The link is a website you can learn.    

7. Cyber security

Cyber security is the protection of computer systems and information data from hardware damage or software damage, theft or leaks. Cyber security prevents hackers from gaining access to potentially sensitive information. The links and are places to check out for learning cyber security.

10 Valuable tech skills in demand

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8. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the act of using resources of computers like data storage and computing power on-demand without direct access by the user. Large clouds are often used over multiple locations, with each location being used as a data centre. To learn more about cloud computing visit or coursera.

9. Blockchain developer

Blockchain developers handle the cycle of a blockchain. They are responsible for the research as well as the development of the application. They create the system and optimise the protocols. Here are a few websites where you can learn blockchain development or

Udemy, 10 Valuable tech skills in demand

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10. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things deals with physical objects that consist of technologies like sensors, processing, software and others that also exchange data over the internet. Some examples are thermostats, cameras and lights. Learning to create the software for these things can be very helpful in getting a job. Learn IoT at or


Technology is always evolving, creating jobs and opportunities that we never thought possible. The tech skills above are in need to help facilitate the growth/evolution of technology. If you are skilled or want to be, those are areas that would make finding a job easier.


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