Automating eCommerce
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5 Things you need to know before automating eCommerce

If you think that this automation is something your organisation requires, you have come to the right spot as we will cover whatever you need to know about automating eCommerce from all perspectives. 

We all know that with workflow automation, organisations can streamline their operations. The main aim is to point out repetitive and boring tasks or any manual operation that could be better dealt with by programming, applications, or technology. 

By workflow automation, you can get the job done in lesser time and with much less effort. There can be many tasks in all the different departments of your business that can be automated. From inventory management to HR, automating eCommerce can enhance the efficiency of those mundane tasks. 

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When to go for it?

If any association is planning to transform the business activities in a productive and more manageable manner then they can achieve this through automation as it brings with it:

Digital transformation

Each business ought to embrace the business process automation to make a culture of consistent change that directly affects each business. 

Synchronised processes

It is difficult for any organisation to execute productive synchronised processes without automation. 

Standards of business operations

With the assistance of automation, organisations can make their positions stronger in the market which encourages them to make an extraordinary customer base with significant results which in turn also helps achieve customer satisfaction.


Automation encourages everybody associated with responsibility to exhibit consistency in the organisation by bringing clarity in the processes.

Which tasks you can automate?

Numerous eCommerce assignments have a more noteworthy effect on your business and give you more advantages when you automate them. 

Dull tasks 

Remember, automation is more appropriate for mundane errands. Numerous assignments fall in this classification like email advertising, examining, recording, storage, reports making, and other comparable jobs that we can automate with the assistance of the most recent programming and technology. 

Jobs that are not scalable

If you are performing various jobs that are not versatile when you perform them manually so you can transform them into regular positions as your business develops. 

Simple workflows first

If a guest subscribes to the business email, the welcome message will be sent. Everybody can undoubtedly play out this task with the assistance of various accessible programming. 

Specific tasks 

Try not to go to automate all activities as opposed to automating particular jobs and make reports about the learning of your workers about how they access the learning the board framework. Watch out for the logical information with the assistance of email updates with day-by-day deals data and so on. 

Day to day tasks first  

Day-to-day errands take more time however you can manage them via automating and executing a bunch of exercises. 

Significant tasks to automate e-Commerce  

Numerous eCommerce errands have a more noteworthy effect on your business and give you more advantages when you robotise them. 

Email marketing

Each online business needs an email promoting strategy for succeeding in the market. By consistently sending pertinent data you can:

  • promote your brand
  • attract visitors traffic to your site
  • advertise about the sales and discounts to spike sales. 

With current email advertising strategies, you can without much effort form automated work processes that schedule messages dependent on customersā€™ activities or significant dates. 

A typical model would be an automated marketing cart email, which is set off at whatever point a client deserts their cart or the checkout page in your online store. 

Shopping cart abandonment

Each eCommerce proficient comprehends the surrender term that is utilised to depict the site guest who leaves the page before buying anything. The point when a customer adds items to his online shopping basket and leave without finishing is known as shopping cart abandonment. 

As indicated by a report, as much as 69.57 percent times, the shopping cart is deserted. With automated cart reminder emails, you can grab your customerā€™s attention again to remind them to proceed with their orders.

Remind them what they intended to buy

An automated abandonment car email for the most part contains the things left in the customersā€™ cart, alongside a connection to a checkout page where they can check out. This will empower you to get more deals from customers who may have left for different reasons and may decide to complete the procedure.

Arrange feedback option after every purchase 

Each eCommerce entrepreneur comprehends the genuine value of the customersā€™ feedback and positive criticisms. With the assistance of automated technology, you can set up messages after a specific time and give links where they can post feedback. 

Inventory management

Monitoring your inventory and manual updates is a tiring task with the potential possibility of errors. As your eCommerce business develops, updating the inventory manually turns out to be exceptionally troublesome. If you have the inventory where the status of the items is updated automatically using cloud-based programming then you can reduce the effort and deal with your eCommerce store more proficiently.

Where else automation can help you? 

Automate payment process

With automation, you no more have to get worried about the frustrating process of manually creating and sending out every invoice. Numerous platforms today permit you to make consistent invoices in no time. Automated invoicing is likewise included in well-known online business platforms. 

Automation of customer services

You must have heard the idiom that ‘customer is the king’ stressing on the need for good customer service. Meeting people’s high expectations immediately can be overpowering for the customer care unit particularly when managing a huge client base. For better client assistance conveyance, businesses can utilise man-made reasoning to upgrade client experience. With AI, customers can ask queries and register any complaints and get a quick response at any time of the day.


A number of both small and big businesses that are product or service-based use chatbots on their sites to start client communication and to entertain their queries. These chatbots are nothing less than a customer care representative who works for you every minute of every day, in any event.

Chatbots are not new but have been operating for a long time now. you must have seen a pop-up message when you visit any website to ask you if you have any questions, these are the automated chats. If any business owner is still in the process of developing his sales-team, he/she can use chatbots to help him/her focus on things that are more important at that moment. 

Now letā€™s discuss some benefits.

Benefits of automating eCommerce

Automating eCommerce
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

More productivity

The owners of each online business and eCommerce store need to increase their productivity but nowadays it only seems to be possible with the incorporation of process automation and efficient strategies. Automated technology such as cloud computing can assist the workers with keeping updated with information regardless of whether they are outside of the workplace.

Additionally, they can telecommunicate with one another which prompts workers fulfillment. Logistics and air freight forwarding companies work on automating shipment to keep control of product shipment and increase productivity.

More transparency

With automation, transparency is no more difficult to achieve. You donā€™t have to take risks of trusting someone for the transparent running of your operations. All the activities can be tracked and observed using any process automation programming that will assist with improving the general responsibility and accountability. You can without much effort make proactive systems dependent on the information from the BPA programming. 

No delays

The administrative work and reports arranged manually require significant investment with many chances of blunders and slip-ups. Automated programming saves valuable time and runs the operations more proficiently and in a much quicker manner. It has a more noteworthy effect on the primary concerns and diminishes the chances of delays. When you begin the on-time installments to the sellers and accomplices, the association can approach them for limits. 

Better collaboration

Process automation assists you with improving work together with partners and suppliers that prompts the success of shared objectives and grows a great connection between them. When the partners are synchronised with the association’s objectives, the objectives will be accomplished quicker. 

Customer loyalty

Customers appreciate and like quicker reactions to their questions. Quick responses can be given with chatbots for customer care which offer a simpler method to deal with customer inquiries. If any customer gets a quicker reaction, at that point he/she will remain loyal and invest more energy in the company. 

Decreased costs

The greatest advantage of work automation is lower work costs. You no more have to appoint numerous people to deal with your inventory, accounting, management, and promoting. The automation instruments can lessen your workload over the long run, gives more output at a lesser cost, and can earn you more profit in lesser time.

Leading to proficient use of space

You needn’t bother with more space for gathering orders and inventory management. With automation, you can efficiently utilise space in the inventory. You can automate your processes with the assistance of omnidirectional robots and picking instruments rather than huge trucks and lifts.

Quicker error response  

You have proficient representatives watching out for mistakes and fixing them on-time with reports yet as they are still people and can commit various errors. People can fail to remember any significant detail while on the other hand, automated programming doesn’t fail to remember. Each association can reduce the number of blunders if they incorporate automated programming.


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