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Choosing your next cellphone

By Kielon HilaireFor some reason, many people come to me for advice about cellphones. I’m not sure if it’s because they heard I studied IT, if they think I’m working at a cellphone company or if they know how much I like to learn about different hardware and software technologies.

I believe it’s because someone told someone that I once helped her purchase a new cellphone. That second someone told another someone and the telling just continued. So time has passed and now I am here sharing my knowledge and experiences with others.

So, a friend messaged me recently to say, “Hey man, what’s a good cellphone to buy for Carnival?” At first I was frowning and mentally repeating the words, “good cellphone to buy for Carnival” with a question mark added to that. So I was about to respond when I “saw him typing” and I waited patiently. Then he said, “I want a cellphone with a good camera, all those fancy messaging apps, one that could hold plenty songs, and that is really fast.”

Cellphone camera

It had been considered that cellphones with a higher number of megapixels always had the best cameras. What’s funny is that many people don’t even know what a megapixel is, yet they believe that having more of it is better thanks to years of shameless marketing. The truth is that the size and quality of the image sensor is much more important. As a rule of thumb, the larger the sensor the larger pixels can be, and the larger the pixels the more light can be collected when a photo is taken, which helps improve photo quality.

Cellphone processor

You also need to know the strength of a phone’s CPU as this determines how quickly it can render images to further enhance quality, which brings up the question about speed. To keep this simple, more cores and higher GHz generally means faster speeds. Additionally, you would want to get a phone with the largest and fastest RAM that your money can get.

Storage is another important factor that many people overlook. It’s like buying a sport car as your primary vehicle, only to realise after that there are no extra seats and little trunk space for your most practical needs.

Cellphone memory

Many phones nowadays come with non-expandable memory, which means that if you buy the phone and you run out of space then you may either have to delete some vital stuff or you’re out of luck. If you’re not sure how much space you will need, use the following as a guide: less than 16Gb for low storage, 16Gb-32Gb for average storage and 64Gb or more if you plan to store everything and the kitchen sink.

It is also worth mentioning that many phones are still limited to using only a fraction of your internal storage to run apps, which means that you can have a phone with internal storage of 16Gb and only 2Gb of that might actually be capable of being used for several apps. This capacity increases in proportion to the amount of internal storage the phone comes with.

Additionally, while it is a plus if a phone can facilitate expandable storage keep in mind that more and more phones are forsaking this in favour of pure internal storage because it generally allows phones to conduct faster processing.

Cellphone battery

Among the other “minor” things that are often overlooked when choosing a good phone is battery life. The more feature-laden a smart phone, the more power is consistently required by the phone’s CPU and the shorter the battery life.

Choosing a cellphone that will last is based on a combination of factors. Namely the size of the screen, the screen’s resolution, the power consumption of the phone’s processor. The type of chipset used, and how proprietary software is optimised with the phone’s hardware components.

Furthermore, if battery life is of more concern for you than the average user, then the best alternative would be to get a phone that contains a user-replaceable battery, which would allow you to swap batteries on the go.

Of course there are other factors that help make a phone good, including sound quality, graphics processor, operating system, look and feel and the quality of the front-facing (selfie) camera, but what’s mentioned in the core of this article should be your primary concerns.

Once you choose a phone based on the above mentioned factors you can rest assure that whether you decide to play mas, fete, party, go hiking, visit the beach or take a trip down the islands your phone will help you keep the positive vibes and stay lively throughout and beyond the Carnival season.

February 2016 – Issue 20    www.sweettntmagazine.com

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