Feter App cures your Carnival Tabanca

Feter App for Carnival lovers, promoters

Event organisers and promoters add their own events free of charge on Feter App. Also, feters leave reviews anonymously of the fetes they attended.

First Digital Mas Costume Showroom

My name is Treble. I am from Brooklyn, NY, USA but I am also of Trinidadian descent. I’m the founder of the Feter Lifestyle App & Carnival Social Network. 

At first, I created Feter App to highlight Carnival and the upcoming fetes in the Caribbean regions and America. Event organisers and promoters add their own events free of charge. Also, feters leave reviews anonymously of the fetes they have attended. This quickly shape-shifted the app into what it is now.

We have the first ever Digital Mas Costume Showroom which is a central hub for displaying carnival costumes. The masquerader easily finds everything in one location instead of visiting various sites. In the showroom, app users view mas band costumes, see their origin story and pricing. Everything links back to the original websites of the Mas bands to register.

Soca Music Player on Feter App

We also have a Soca Music Player. It hosts all the soca music that was released for that year. This music is compiled and linked directly from Apple Music. When an app user clicks on a song to stream, it is played from Apple Music. It gives the artiste a stream count. 

Carnival Influence is an interview series. We catch up with the movers and shakers of the Carnival industry and touch on various topics. Our store in the app has Merch which was inspired by Caribbean locations.

Tabanca Avenue a social network

Lastly, our Carnival social network, which was recently launched, is “the new home for Carnival”. Tabanca Avenue is the social network made exclusively for Carnival lovers and masqueraders. We are inclusive and we welcome anyone who loves carnival.

The Feter App can be found on Apple (App Store) and Google Play Store: http://onelink.to/feterapp

Instagram: https://instagram.com/feterlifestyle

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/feterlifestyle/

Apple & Google Play Store: http://onelink.to/feterapp

Feter Media Player
Feter App Media player

Coloring book: Lil Trinbagonian for culture, fun – Sweet TnT Magazine

Megan Subero, 25, created the ideal gift for children to learn about the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. Lil Trinbagonian is a coloring book with activities based on heroes, national events and birds in the twin islands. The coloring book is designed for children ages 5 to 10 to enjoy the educational activity-based content while having fun.

Lopinot Pastelle Goes Global – Sweet TnT Magazine

Lopinot pastelle goes global after Tourism Trinidad Limited and the global tourism family launch campaign . At a time when the coronavirus pandemic has hit the global tourism sector, Tourism Trinidad Limited (TTL) and United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) launched a campaign on Friday June 23, 2020.


As the only branded hotel in Tobago, the newly built Comfort Inn & Suites anticipates opening soon and promises to be a great addition to the downtown area in Scarborough. CUSA, LLC an internationally recognized, Atlanta-based hotel management company, is working with local ownership and Choice Hotels to open its first International Hotel in Tobago, West Indies.

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