Apps That May Be Secretly Spying On You

Apps that may be Secretly Spying on You

Photo filter apps have become in recent times popular, they allow you to add fun to what would be an otherwise boring photo. Many people are not satisfied with the offerings of Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram so opted to download an app that offers the features that are trending or what they prefer.

Most people download apps based on the amount of downloads indicated in the Google Play Store. This is not an effective litmus test as most times people try them out and delete them after a day or two within a few hours.

Using reviews may be more reliable, however, some developers have been known to submit reviews as well as pay for others.

This in fact leaves us with two alternatives. One, use trusted developers such as Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram. This has its own set of inherit issues but by and large your information is relatively safe and the activities of these companies are being monitored by watchdog groups. The other option is just to walk the side of caution and just not download trivial apps from random developers.

Below is a list of 30 apps that turn on a user’s camera without asking permission first, some of these apps install malware through its software and these apps have been accused of “sending users pornographic content, redirecting them to phishing sites or collecting their pictures”.

It has also been noted that these apps also access GPS locations, 23 access device microphones and 29 access device cameras—unsurprising for a photo app. Twenty-nine of the apps also seek permission to read user data. Once those permissions are granted the apps in theory have the ability to scrape your information and send it back to the mother ship – where that may be – China, Russia or even North Korea.

Apps that turn on a user’s camera without asking permission:

  1. BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera
  2. BeautyCam
  3. Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera
  4. Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  5. Beauty Camera Plus – Sweet Camera & Makeup Photo
  6. Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera & Photo Editor
  7. YouCam Perfect – Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor
  8. Sweet Snap – Beauty Selfie Camera & Face Filter
  9. Sweet Selfie Snap – Sweet Camera & Beauty Cam Snap
  10. Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera with Photo Editor
  11. Beauty Camera – Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor
  12. B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera
  13. Face Makeup Camera & Beauty Photo Makeup Editor
  14. Sweet Selfie – Selfie Camera & Makeup Photo Editor
  15. Selfie camera – Beauty Camera & Makeup camera
  16. YouCam Perfect – Best Photo Editor & Selfie Camera
  17. Beauty Camera Makeup Face Selfie, Photo Editor
  18. Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera
  19. Z Beauty Camera
  20. HD Camera Selfie Beauty Camera
  21. Candy Camera – selfie, beauty camera & photo editor
  22. Makeup Camera-Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor
  23. Beauty Selfie Plus – Sweet Camera Wonder HD Camera
  24. Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera & AR Stickers
  25. Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera
  26. Beauty Camera
  27. Bestie – Camera360 Beauty Cam
  28. Photo Editor – Beauty Camera
  29. Beauty Makeup, Selfie Camera Effects & Photo Editor
  30. Selfie cam – Bestie Makeup Beauty Camera & Filters

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