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Earn more money in 2021 with these 5 ideas

We all need extra cash for food, clothes, house, car, toys, to pay bills, to pay for education, and health care. When working hard for a small income does not meet our needs and wants, we need to find ways to earn more money as quickly as possible. Here are 5 ideas that you can try to earn more money in 2021 that would make your year a great one. If you use any of these tips to earn more money, we can help you to market your ideas on our website. Send us an email at contact@sweettntmagazine.com and share your success story.

1. Write a book to earn more money

Everyone has unique stories that happened in their lives but very few write them down. Tell a true story about your life in 15 chapters. There are millions of people out there who are anxious to read about what you have to say. Remember, your story revolves around a conflict so you want to build up enough suspense that leads to this problem in the earlier chapters. You want to keep your readers engrossed in the drama in the middle chapters. And you want to make them feel satisfied in the later chapters as you resolve this conflict. You can edit and design your book using software or professional assistance. For free, you can upload it on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing where you get paid royalties every time someone purchases your book. Here are some items that would help you to write your best-selling novel.

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2. Make videos giving advice

Do you know a lot about something? Do you know about cooking, baking, mixing cocktails, fixing cars, repairing electronic items, cleaning stoves, carving wood, growing hair, removing acne, putting on make-up or exercising? Then, set up your phone and make videos of yourself giving step by step instructions to earn more money. People yearn for knowledge and browse YouTube all day searching for advice. Start uploading those videos daily and encourage people to subscribe to your channel. Once you hit 1,000 subscribers you are on your way to monetising your account and getting paid from YouTube. Here are some items that will help you to become a YouTuber in no time.

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3. Sell organic food to earn more money

Use a small capital to start an organic food company out of your backyard. Purchase seedlings, plants, grow beds, fertilisers and nutrients to grow the foods properly. Watch YouTube videos on how to care for plants and in no time at all you would be reaping healthy produce. Sell your goods to your neighbours and friends. You can also market your business on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Here are some items that would help you.

71wkiy1uq0L. AC SL1500
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4. Teach a specific topic as a crash course

Think about a specific topic that you are good at. In Mathematics, you may understand Ratios, Fractions and Consumer Arithmetic very well. In English, writing a perfect short story with an Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution may be your strong point. In Accounting, you may know how to do a Profit and Loss Account and a Balance Sheet. Do lesson plans to teach these specific topics within a short period. Make sure the lesson plans cover assessment strategies to ensure your students understand the topics. Market yourself giving a 2-week workshop on the specific topic on social media. People are always willing to pay for short courses that guarantee success in the end. You may target students who are preparing for examinations at the moment. Here are some tools to help you get started on your teaching career.

5. Earn more money in the kitchen

Can you cook, bake, blend or juice something? Why not earn more money making it? Invest a small amount of money into cool-aid, popsicle sticks and your own secret ingredients to make it unique. Try cupcakes with a flavour that no one else has thought about. How about combining fruits, milk and flavoured essences to your very own milkshakes that customers can’t get enough of. If it tastes great, people will buy it. Market your popsicles, cupcakes, milkshakes and other creations on social media. Here are some items to help you start.

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