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100 Remote jobs you can start with just a smartphone, no capital

Working remotely can be an exciting venture that offers flexibility and the potential for growth. Before we consider possible career paths and start looking for remote jobs, there are some things that need to be worked on first.

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  • Identify your strengths, skills, and passions, while researching market trends, target audience needs, and competition.
  • Refine your business idea, focusing on your unique value proposition and the products or services you’ll offer remotely.
  • Test your concept through customer feedback and an MVP, and create a comprehensive business plan that includes goals, marketing, and financial projections.
  • Address legal and financial aspects by choosing a structure, registering your business, and setting up dedicated banking.
  • Establish your branding online, including a business name, logo, website, and social media presence.
  • Set up remote communication tools and task management systems for seamless operations.
  • Develop a marketing strategy that emphasises valuable content and effective promotion.
  • Build a client base through networking, special promotions, and by leveraging your online presence.
  • Prioritise exceptional service delivery, gather customer feedback, and refine your offerings accordingly.
  • Consider expansion as your business grows, exploring collaborations and opportunities for scaling your remote business.

When looking for remote jobs, please note that the success of these businesses will depend on various factors including your skills, dedication, and ability to market your services effectively.

Additionally, while these ideas for remote jobs require minimal upfront financial investment, investing time and effort into building a strong online presence and networking can significantly impact your success.

Online Work From Home Jobs

Here are 100 remote jobs that you can start with just a smartphone.

100 Remote jobs that you can start with just a smartphone

1. Freelance Writer

2. Social Media Manager

3. Online Tutor

4. Virtual Assistant

5. Graphic Designer

6. Dropshipper

7. Affiliate Marketer

8. Digital Artist

9. Language Tutor

10. App Tester

11. Content Curator

12. eBook Author

13. Online Researcher

14. Resume Writer

15. Fitness Coach

16. Life Coach

17. Recipe Creator

18. Podcast Host

19. Online Survey Taker

20. Language Translator

21. Personal Stylist

22. Mobile App Developer

23. Online Marketer

24. Video Editor

25. Virtual Event Planner

Remote YouTube video editor jobs

26. Social Media Influencer

27. Voice Over Artist

28. Blog Manager

29. Online Music Teacher

30. Online Math Tutor

31. Proofreader

32. Website Tester

33. Online Recruiter

34. Online Mediator

35. Online Store Manager

36. Online Legal Consultant

37. Travel Planner

38. Nutritionist/Wellness Coach

39. Online Art Instructor

40. Data Entry Specialist

41. Online Dating Consultant

42. Online Language Instructor

43. Online Coding Instructor

44. Virtual Reality Content Creator

45. Online Guitar Tutor

46. Personal Finance Blogger

47. Public Speaking Coach

48. Online Math Instructor

49. Motivational Speaker

50. Online Business Consultant

51. Online Pet Trainer/Behaviourist

52. Social Media Consultant

53. Online Gardening Adviser

54. Online Yoga Instructor

55. Online Knitting/Crochet Teacher

56. Online Voice Coach

57. Virtual Interior Designer

58. Remote Music Producer

59. Mobile Game Developer

60. Online Comedy Writer

61. Online Product Reviewer

62. Online Jewellery Designer

63. Meditation Guide

64. Online Dance Instructor

65. Online Wedding Planner

66. Online Home Renovation Adviser

67. Online ESL Tutor

68. Online Acting Coach

69. Online Home Workout Instructor

70. Podcast Producer

71. Online Dating Profile Writer

72. Online Crafting Instructor

73. Virtual Tarot Card Reader

74. Online Language Proofreader

75. Online Home Organiser

76. Online Psychic Adviser

77. Online Career Coach

78. Online Magic Instructor

79. Online Origami Instructor

80. Online Knitting/Crochet Pattern Designer

81. Online Bartending Instructor

82. Voice Impressionist

83. Online Painting Instructor

84. Online Makeup Artist

85. Online Calligraphy Instructor

86. Online Personal Shopper

87. Online Feng Shui Consultant

88. Online Gardening Instructor

89. Personal Development Blogger

90. Online Storytelling Instructor

91. Language Conversation Partner

92. Online Pottery Instructor

93. Online Chess Instructor

94. Online Cooking Instructor

95. Online Pilates Instructor

96. Online Drawing Instructor

97. Online Acting Instructor

98. Virtual Bookkeeper

99. Online Science Tutor

100. Online Nutrition Adviser

More remote jobs in articles and forums

These remote jobs cover every possible field that you can perform in the comfort of your home. If you would like to see more options, check out other remote jobs that are listed in articles and forums across this website.


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