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Learn English easier with these 100 plus word lists

By Joyanne James. When foreign speakers learn English and see the words ‘red’, ‘head’ and ‘said’ in writing, it can be very confusing. These words sound similar but their spellings don’t match.

The sounds heard in the English language are represented by numerous symbols when it comes to writing. This can make it very difficult to learn English.

In the word ‘red’, the letter -e represents the short ‘e’ sound as in ‘egg’. However, the digraphs -ea in ‘head’ and -ai in ‘said’ also make the short ‘e’ sound.

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Similarly, the trigraphs -ear in ‘hear’, and -air in ‘pair’ sound like short ‘e’. Then, there are those sounds that are represented by four letters like -ough in ‘dough’, ‘thought’ and ‘through’, and -augh in ‘caught’, ‘naught’ and ‘daughter’.

To learn English easily, you should learn English words in groups with similar endings. These endings are called rimes which start with either ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘i’, ‘o’ or ‘u’. In the word ‘cat’, the rime is -at. You can use our word lists to learn English words that have similar rimes.

Learn English with these word lists

Use this list to make flashcards, posters, play rhyming games, and write poems. Each heading is a guide for the words in the list that have similar letters which may or may not sound the same. Visit studyzoneinstitute.com for more helpful resources to learn English easier.


afraid, aid, raid, said, paid, maid, laid, braid


ail, rail, mail, fail, pail, nail, sail, tail, jail, snail, frail, avail, trail, detail, daily, tailor, sailor


aim, claim, proclaim


vain, pain, chain, curtain, stain, drain, sprain, strain, captain, domain, remain, again, obtain, contain, explain, mountain, maintain, fountain, rain, train, gain, grain, brain, complain


pair, hair, hairy, fair, fairy, chair, flair, stair, repair, lair


waist, raisin, praise, daisy, raise


bait, wait, plait, await, trait, portrait, straight


area, flea, idea, pea, plea, sea, shea, tea


ahead, instead, bread, bead, dead, dread, head, knead, lead, mead, read, spread, tread


deaf, leaf


beak, bleak, break, creak, freak, leak, peak, sneak, speak, squeak, steak, streak, teak, weak, wreak


appeal, meal, conceal, cereal, deal, heal, ideal, meal, real, reveal, seal, surreal, steal, squeal, teal, veal, zeal


team, beam, cream, dream, gleam, ream, seam, scream, steam, stream


clean, bean, ocean, dean, lean, mean, wean


leap, cheap, heap, reap


appear, bear, clear, dear, fear, gear, hear, near, pear, rear, spear, swear, tear, wear, year


ease, cease, crease, grease, lease, please, release, tease


beat, cheat, create, defeat, feat, great, heat, pleat, meat, neat, repeat, seat, sweat, threat, wheat


beau, bureau, plateau


reach, beach, bleach, breach, leach, teach, peach, preach


beast, breast, feast, east, least, yeast


leave, weave, greave, heave


agree, see, bee, fee, free, tee, knee, tree, three, free, glee, spree


feed, freed, greed, heed, indeed, need, seed, speed, agreed, exceed, bleed, breed, deed, weed





cheek, creek, geek, meek, leek, peek, reek, seek, week


eel, feel, kneel, peel, reel, steel, wheel


deem, seem, redeem, esteem, agreement


green, keen, teen, ween, seen, been, screen, queen, between


beep, deep, creep, jeep, keep, peep, seep, sheep, sleep, steep, sweep, weep


beer, deer, peer, steer, sheer


beet, feet, fleet, greet, meet, street, sweet


speech, screech, leech


breeze, freeze, sneeze, squeeze, wheeze


veil, unveil, ceiling, rottweiler


rein, reindeer, vein, caffeine, being, protein


heir, their, weird, weirdo


feist, feisty, heist, leisure


albeit, either, neither, conceit, deceit, receipt


eight, eighteen, eighty, weigh, weight, overweight, neigh, neighbour, height, freight, sleigh


reign, foreign, feign, sovereign


conceive, receive, deceive, perceive


they, obey, whey, grey, prey, survey, hey, convey


key, donkey, monkey, turkey, turnkey, whiskey, jockey, hockey


trolley, alley, volley, valley, pulley, barley, parsley


money, honey, kidney, chutney, chimney, cockney, journey


jersey, horsey, Malmsey, odyssey


die, lie, tie, pie, calorie, cookie, movie, beanie, hippie, junkie, genie, siege, shriek, eerie, smoothie

auntie, cutie, foodie, hoodie, bootie, baddie, goalie, birdie, weenie, bookie, hottie, veggie, softie, oldie, dearie, techie, doggie


cried, fried, tried, died, lied, spied, shied, studied, varied, married, applied


grief, brief, chief, kerchief, mischief, thief, relief, belief


science, ambience, hygiene, client, conscience, ancient, deficient, deficiency, efficient, sufficient

friend, fiend, alien, patient, patience, obedient, nutrient, ambient, audience, client


tier, pier, plier, pierce, flier, fiery, fierce, glacier, courier, barrier, soldier, carrier, premier, pacifier


cries, dies, flies, fiesta, kiddies, fries, lies, pies, patties, cookies, skies, ties, spies, priest, diesel, series, species, rabies


diet, quiet, anxiety, society, variety


preview, review, interview, viewpoint


niece, piece, masterpiece, centrepiece, earpiece, showpiece, headpiece, timepiece


field, shield, yield, wield


achieve, believe, grieve, relieve, retrieve, sieve


cocoa, boa, moa, Koa, koala, koa


broad, download, overload, load, truckload, road, roadblock, toad


oaf, loaf, meatloaf


oak, cloak, croak, soak, hoax, coax


coal, goal, foal, charcoal


roam, foam


moan, groan, loan


soap, soapy, handsoap


oar, boar, roar, board, hoard, soar, whiteboard, keyboard, motherboard, cupboard, cardboard, overboard, billboard


boast, coast, coastline, roast, toast, oasis


oat, boat, lifeboat, speedboat, bloat, coat, raincoat, waistcoat, goat, gloat, float, throat, afloat, loath, loathe


approach, broach, coach, poach, roach


too, woo, zoo, igloo


blood, good, wood, hood, stood, food, flood, mood


goof, hoof, poof, proof, roof, spoof, woof


boogie, scrooge, stooge, googly


book, cook, crook, hook, jook, look, nook, took, shook, spook, cookie


cool, drool, fool, pool, school, spool, stool, tool, wool


boom, broom, bloom, doom, gloom, groom, loom, room, zoom


moon, noon, soon, spoon, toon, saloon, maroon, balloon


coop, poop, droop, hoop, loop, scoop, stoop, snoop, swoop, whoop, troop, blooper


door, floor, poor, moor


choose, goose, loose, moose, noose, boost, swoosh


boot, foot, loot, moot, root, soot, scoot, shoot, toot


tooth, booth


ooze, booze, snooze


doozy, woozy


poodle, doodle, noodle, toodles


found, mouse, our, house, proud, bounce, around, about, pound, flour, ground, out, shout, mouth, count, pout, south, doubt, cloud, bound, sour, loud, announce, mountain, louse, doused, lounge

you, soup, wound, group, cougar, coupon, youth, route, routine, bouquet, souvenir, boutique, acoustic

couple, country, courage, encourage, young, limousine


four, pour, tour, mourn, courtesy, court

British English – rumour, humour, tumour, honour, labour, colour, flavour, armour, savour, vapour, neighbour, behaviour


dangerous, jealous, gorgeous, numerous, generous, famous, humongous, fabulous, joyous

pompous, nervous, wondrous, enormous, righteous, courteous, poisonous


delicious, obvious, ambitious, precious, vicious, ferocious, gracious, spacious, glorious, cautious, notorious


though, dough, although, borough, doughnut, thorough

thought, bought, brought, ought, fought, sought, wrought

tough, rough, cough, enough

through, throughout




could, would, should


touch, couch, slouch, pouch, vouch, grouch, ouch


double, trouble


shoulder, boulder, moulder


bow, now, elbow, wow, how, cow, vow, chow, owe, tow, know, show, snow, sow


owl, bowl, fowl, growl, howl, prowl, scowl


brown, crown, down, drown, gown, grown, own, disown, town, uptown, thrown, known, clown, flown, mown, frown, renown, shown


browse, drowsy, frowsy, grows, flows, knows, glows


window, shadow, meadow


low, glow, below, flow, blow, slow


row, brow, crowd, throw, grow, crow


allow, swallow, shallow


arrow, barrow, sparrow, narrow


bellow, fellow, mellow, yellow


pillow, willow


follow, hollow


sorrow, borrow


vowel, bowel, towel, trowel


flower, blower, power, tower, shower, powder, mower


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