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“Life is a gift, and it is short, therefore you should do your utmost to make the most of it. People who are purpose-driven with this mindset are brought together on our site (pronounced ‘Start-up’).” Maria K Lewis, founder of the online dating site designed for single entrepreneurs and career professionals, introduces the social network.

Our dating site is for single professionals seeking long-term, meaningful interactions and relationships. It is for people who want to find a partner who understands and respects their outlook on life while they are chasing after their own dreams. This platform is for people with wholesome morals and values, and who in turn are looking for a partner with similar characteristics. They also desire conversations and interactions which are fun on one hand, and higher-level, on the other. The app is coming soon.

Dating site calculates compatibility

We offer exciting features to help our members find the connections they desire. There is an in-built algorithm on the dating site which calculates your compatibility with other users. In addition, our dating site places the freedom of choice in the hands of our members. This means you can search for and reach out to someone you find interesting.

Communication options

We have three ways for people to dialogue:

1. Direct Messaging (up to three persons on the free plan; unlimited on our upgraded plan);

2. Insta-Chat

3. Video Chat (upgraded plan only)

Our upgraded plan – “The Executives” costs US $5.99/month.

Sign-up process

Our Sign-up process plays an important role in bringing on board persons who are entrepreneurial/career professionals. We offer two options:

1. New members can complete the 20+ questions we ask which are tailored to their current career status, their future career goals, and the type of person they envisage as best fitting into their life. 

2. Conversely, new members can opt to Sign-up quickly via our embedded Linked-in login feature. We at chose an Easy Linked-in setup, as opposed to any other social media platform, as this particular platform specifically targets professionals.

More than anything, we are hoping our site would bring together people who are purpose-driven: people with the mindset that life is a gift, and it is short, and they therefore should do their utmost to make the most of it.

As our site caters in large measure to entrepreneurs, we also offer those on the “Executives” plan the opportunity to Advertise their Businesses.

Privacy of users

Privacy is of course an important area as our users need to feel safe whilst using our service:

1. During the Sign-up process, members can choose which details about themselves they would like to share publicly, or keep private. This option can be edited at any time via their private profile page.

2. Members can choose to Accept or Reject any friend request.

3. Members can Unfriend anyone with whom they no longer wish to have contact.

4. Members can message Stheart-up’s Admin if they wish to report any form of discomfort or abuse.

‘I live by purpose’

I am Maria K Lewis. I am an Entrepreneur, Actress, Writer, Director and Film & Television Producer. I am a believer in God Almighty. He is my first and main source of help. My family comes in a close second. Specific to Stheart-up, I am truly grateful for the support of Ms J’elle Valdez and Mr Aaron Huggins.

Maria K Lewis, founder of dating site
Maria K Lewis, founder of dating site

The word that I live by is purpose. I am constantly praying and asking God to guide me onto the path that He has willed for me, and I do my best to work toward achieving what He desires. In addition to working on Stheart-up, and my creative aspirations, I love to travel.  Most of the greatest experiences of my life occur when I visit somewhere new and spectacular. 

Education-wise, I have a Master’s Degree in Feature Film Screenwriting from Royal Holloway, University of London. Also, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Drama & Theatre Studies from the University of Kent, United Kingdom.  

Life is a gift and it is fragile

I believe that there are many, many people out there who are purpose-driven. They want to work for themselves, or at the profession of their dreams. Hand in hand with this, they deeply want to meet someone who respects their drive, and hope their future partner has similar, like-minded beliefs. 

I think this deep-seated desire to call the shots in their life, and have the partner of their dreams, was further brought home during a year like 2020. This year made so many people around the world wake up to the absolute reality that life is both a gift and it is fragile. Wasting time therefore on meaningless relationships, and being depressed at jobs they do not like, were factors which have come to the fore for many. There is a need for real connection: for deeper, more profound interactions. I believe the idea for Stheart-up was inspired by God: and with His help, it has become a reality.

Response from customers of the dating site

Thus far, my team and I have been thrilled with the response. Persons are signing up and using the site’s features. is roughly one month old, therefore we are still learning our customers (an estimated 70 + persons thus far) to find out which areas require improvements. At present, the Stheart-up App (Stheart-App) is being developed.

‘Analeigh’, ‘Our Year’ and ‘’

Apart from (which would have new features in 2021), I am also a creative who loves acting as well as writing, directing and producing television shows and films. I recently completed a 6-episode series called “Analeigh”which was aired on TTT. With my group of talented friends, another production is in the works: this time a feature-length film called “Our Year”.

I am also working on the upgrade of this is a website which I created over 8 years ago which curates the films of up-and-coming directors, primarily from the developing world. Thus far, over 200 films have been submitted from talented persons from the Caribbean, parts of Africa, India, Nepal and South America.

Lastly, whilst Acting and Entrepreneurship are my passion, Writing is definitely my gift. I therefore have a couple of clients for whom I write blogs, newsletters, social media posts, etc.

Visit the dating site to sign up

You can find us at: We have two plans: The Free Plan and The Executives Plan whereby you access our unlimited, full suite of features and services. The Executives Plan costs US$5.99/month, and for the month of December we are offering a 20% discount with the Special Discount Code: MyStheart-up.

Social Media sites

You can also find us on:

Instagram @ConnectingSingleProfessionals;


Linkedin Stheart-up;

Email us

You may email us at:


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