Dining at a food truck in San Fernando, in sweet T&T for Sweet TnT Magazine, Culturama Publishing Company, for news in Trinidad, in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, with positive how to photography.

Food truck dining in San Fernando

By Marissa Armoogam. The social dynamics and general culture in Trinidad has evolved considerably over the past years. I was born and grew up in the south of the island and I have always found it to be a bit more relaxed and laid back in comparison to the lifestyle of the northerners.

One of the welcomed changes to southern living has been the introduction of a more vibrant night life; in particular the numerous food trucks which come out nightly and line the streets in many of the districts. One such area is at Lady Hailes Avenue in Cross Crossing, San Fernando, also known by locals as the “Cross”.

Food truck opens for business at night

Every night around seven o’clock, the trucks pull into their designated parking areas and begin setting up their tents and other items to prepare for the influx of customers who descend upon the trucks ready to devour the succulent dishes they offer for sale.

The foods available come from cultures across the globe, they range from curry dishes, to local cuisines, various types of meat and vegetable burgers and hot dogs, corn soup, gyro, taco, burrito, and the Trini favourite doubles.

Walking from food truck to food truck

I usually take a casual drive with my two children down to the “Cross” on any given day and hand in hand we walk from food truck to food truck trying to decide of which dish we will partake.

The environment is clean and comfortable, the people are friendly and welcoming and the food is delicious. So I extend an open invitation to all my northern brothers and sisters the next time you are down south, take a drive to the “Cross” and enjoy the dining experience.

December 2014 – Issue 13     www.sweettntmagazine.com

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