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TTHTI or ‘Hotel School’ a great dining experience

By Marika Mohammed. It was the first time dining at Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism  Institute. To make it simpler on the tongue it is abbreviated to TTHTI but locally known as the “Hotel School” and it was definitely something.

Developing the tourist industry

It wasn’t anything different or exotic from the trini flavors that existed already, it was just an above awesome customer experience. As the name implies TTHTI is geared to develop and enhance the tourism and hospitality industry, both locally and regionally.

I was greeted, hosted and served by the students themselves who are training to be Trinidad’s next top masters in the culinary industry. TTHTI have students from all over the world as it is one of the largest hospitality training centres in the Caribbean. The school offers degrees and certificate programmes for local, regional and international students.

TTHTI staff was amazing

The waitresses were so exceptional I couldn’t help but enjoy the experience the entire time. They were effortlessly polite, funny and smiling when serving and moving the dishes from my table. My water glass was always filled and my plates were served with caution and a friendly smile, even though I’m sure they were so nervous about the plates falling.

I had a five course dish which consisted of an appetiser, soup, salad, entrée and dessert. My appetiser consisted of a phyllo pastry and tamarind chutney which was really flavourful and flaky. The pumpkin soup with spatzel was spicy and complemented the juice, but for me, the long awaited dessert was awesome.

Dishes made by the students

I was full after the soup but when the dessert hit the table, it was too good for words. I especially loved the whipped cream that mounted the banana cream pie. Even more amazing the dishes were all made by the students themselves who should really be proud of creating such lip-smacking works of edible art.

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Active learning in the classroom

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