Squirrel eats julie mango on tree at Botanical Gardens
"I sit on top of my tree and watch them come and go. They take pictures when they see me eating my Julie mango."

My Botanical Gardens In Sweet T&T

By Joyanne James. “I enjoy the visit from people, secretly they are my friends. I welcome them to come to my Botanical Gardens.”

My Botanical Gardens

A paradise with fruits everywhere

When I eat out the fruits from one tree

Another tree starts to bear

The air is fresh and clean

Pure water is over there

My friends and I play in the green

And live life without a care

My neighbours are some birds

With nests hanging from a tree

Their lives are even better

Because they fly about freely

When we have visitors

We hide to peep at them

Who knows what may happen?

Can they be our friends?

I sit on top of my tree

And watch them come and go

They take pictures when they see me

Eating my Julie mango

They usually have picnics

With plenty delicious food

I would like to join them

But that might just be rude

I see fried rice and macaroni pie

Stew chicken and pigeon peas

They bring roti and curried duck

And pizza with plenty cheese

I see children having fun

Running about just like us

I hope they never see me

They’re the ones I do not trust

I heard some adults talking

While they sat under my tree

Going on about the drama

Taking place in our country

They talked about the rich

And more about the poor

The topic of politics

Sent them in an uproar

They argued over religion

Saying who was right or wrong

Then talked about music

And even burst into song

Someone sang about T&T

And how it is very sweet

The song was very catchy

It made me tap my feet

Some children came yesterday

Boy, were they noisy

The adults lined them up

And made them act orderly

I love when it’s getting dark

And they all leave this place

We get to gather our dinner

With treats we love to taste

We find all sorts of foods

That do not grow on trees

Like corn curls, cotton candy

And crusts with plenty cheese

Sometimes they drop a napkin

With sauce from curried duck

The ants raid that first

So I am usually out of luck

Now, I’m going to the nest

To shelter from this drizzle

But wait, I’m no bird

I’m a tiny fuzzy squirrel

I enjoy the visit from people

Secretly, they are my friends

I welcome them to come

To my Botanical Gardens

Squirrel on tree

October 2015 – Issue 18 www.sweettntmagazine.com

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