Skills for kids
Football Factory, St Mary's Grounds, Port of Spain, 2016.

5 Fun skills for kids to learn this summer

Summer is approaching fast. It is the time for kids to leave their schoolwork behind and have some fun. Doing activities that offer essential skills for kids while having fun is perfect for this time.

Summer is also a time for parents to spend quality time with their kids. Taking a vacation or planning a trip with your kids can make summer interesting and exciting.

Both kids and parents can enjoy a laid-back schedule in the summer. You can look for activities that will keep your child busy and engaged.

A new skill can aid in boosting better brain function. Are you wondering about the best skills for kids that you can choose? Here are some fun skills for kids that they can learn this summer.

5 Fun skills for kids to learn this summer

1. Water fun

Make your childā€™s summer exciting by encouraging them to learn to swim. Swimming or floating on the water may help them learn a life skill without your kids getting bored.

Learning to swim can save your child from accidental drowning. Do you know accidental drowning among children has risen over the years?

According to the figures released by the WHO, inadvertent drowning is one of the top causes of injury or death in children. Provide an opportunity for your child to learn swimming by joining the swim camp in Singapore.

It is also one of the best exercises to enhance their health. Swimming in water can help them burn the extra calories while making it easier on the joints. Unlike running, swimming may not bear the constant weight on the ankles and knees.

They can take advantage of the pool time to learn an essential skill and keep fit. It can also offer them an opportunity to learn water safety measures that may help them in the future.

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2. Crafting activities

Children love engaging and stimulating activities giving them a sense of pride. Arts and crafts can make your child feel proud. It may also help them boost their self-confidence.

Crafting activities can foster creativity in young kids. It may also encourage them to create whatever their heart desires. Learning crafting activities can also aid in making decisions when they face artistic challenges.

Crafting activities can also increase their dexterity or fine motor skills. Manual dexterity refers to the ability of your child to use their hands in a coordinated and skillful manner. It can help them have better control of their hands. Not to mention, these activities can inspire them to make some charming items.

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3. Learn to play music

If your kids have shown interest in music, encourage them to start an instrument. Encouraging them to practice the musical instrument regularly can help them grow their creativity.

It can also calm their soul. Music is fun and helps them relieve any stress they experience. Every song they try to play may feel like a personal achievement. You can encourage them to play a musical instrument or sing to boost memory and concentration.

According to some studies, learning music or a musical instrument may aid in a childā€™s mental development. Figures indicate that children learning music may have more success in standardised tests. They can also get better grades in school.

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4. Play sports

Is your child interested in football or soccer? While these sports may look easy to learn, the truth differs. To master these sports, your child needs to practise. If your child has shown interest in playing a sport, take time in summer to help them learn the basics.

Skills for kids
Football Factory, St Mary’s Grounds, Port of Spain, 2016

You can also search for camps held for such sporting events. Apart from having fun, these camps can help them learn teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

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5. Culinary skills

Instead of asking elders to make them their snacks, encourage them to cook. Ask them to spend some time learning a few food items. Never pressure them to become a great chef.

Encourage your child to make simple food items such as making a sandwich, boiling an egg, or making breakfast of cereal and juice. As they grow confident, you can show them the basics of baking.

Some fun desserts can keep them hooked on cooking. Learning this skill can help your child choose new and healthy meals.

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A word of caution

Encouraging your child to learn new skills can help them broaden their knowledge horizon. But, remember to:

Focus on strengths

Focus on what your child likes instead of pressuring them to learn something they dislike. Choose skills that can engage and interest them.

Such activities may help your child boost their self-esteem. Asking them to learn things they dislike may feel like a punishment. Hence, they can never enjoy the activities.

Allow them to fail

Your child cannot master any skill without practice. If they fail, make them understand that it is a part of the learning process.

Allow them to have the time to process their frustrations when they cannot get it right. Summer vacation gives them time to master a new skill. It gives them time to process it. Encourage them to reinforce their effort.

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Learning a skill in a fun way can positively affect your children. These 5 fun skills for kids can broaden their horizons. It will make a lasting impression as they can learn discipline, patience, and tolerance.

Learning a new skill may also reflect on your childā€™s academic performance. So, talk to your children to learn about their interests. Motivate your child to follow their interests this summer instead of guilt-tripping them. Activities that offer useful skills for kids will make a positive impact on their future.


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