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Beauty salon in Curepe treats you like family

By Omilla Mungroo. What is so remarkable about Theresa Thomas at Theresa’s Caribbean Beauty Salon? Many of her existing clients will say, “It’s like home. Theresa is like family.”

Despite the fact that there are about six beauty salons in the area, Theresa says that competition is not an issue. “I satisfy my clients and make sure they are happy with the services they receive. So far, there has been no complaints and I am also thankful for having a loyal staff who stand by me and who I can trust.”

Theresa’s Caribbean Beauty Salon

The salon sits in the heart of Curepe where we in Trinidad call a little New York, since it is like a central port where people from the North, South, East and West pass through on a daily basis.

Having completed a cosmetology course at Arima Senior Comprehensive School, Theresa went on to further her training at Magic Fingers Salon in Port of Spain, Trinidad. She admits that in her early days as a hairdresser she worked under a trainer and was a bit timid but gained confidence as her clients were satisfied and pleased with her work.

“That was in 2007,” she said, in her soft spoken voice. “This shop in Curepe was opened about seven years ago and I have never been a victim of crime or anything of the sort, thank God!”

Latest hairstyles from skillful staff

The salon offers all types of hair services; haircuts, weaves, braids, relaxers, colours, streaks, latest hairstyles for graduation, weddings, and too, you can receive important tips on how to care for your hair. The staff exhibits the same professionalism with all clients and share the same values. They are also just as capable and skillful.

“The best thing about owning my own beauty salon,” smiled Theresa, “is the time I get to spend at home with my family.” Again it was plain to see how important family is to this amazing lady. She said that the main thing that most clients notice when they come in the shop is the sense of feeling accepted and like family as everyone is treated with the same respect.

The field is hard work

When asked what advice she would give to those who wish to enter into cosmetology, she grew serious and continued. “Well, you really have to love what you are doing. Many people these days get into this field because of the money but they don’t persevere because it is hard work. If you don’t like it, there is no point getting into it. You are dealing with real people and they will know when they are not getting what they are paying for.”

Theresa’s staff comprises of two other hairdressers all very loyal.

Today, women and men come from all over the country and dare I say the Caribbean, to get their hair done. They all leave satisfied and return in confidence to get the same family-like treatment. Theresa is humble, yet very professional in her approach.

April 2015 – Issue 15

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