Strolling down Princes Town

By Marika Mohammed. Many people don’t know the existence of the little town called Princes Town. The name is originally a result of Prince Albert and Prince George’s visit to the area. They left behind a mark of planting two poui trees which are very much alive to this day.

Strolling down Princes Town

Princes Town has become a bustling shopping area

When one thinks about Princes Town, one may imagine it may look rural and more or less full of bush. While it still has a lot of greenery, Princes Town has become a bustling shopping area. There are a variety of things to keep your eyes busy. Even more so, there is an increase in the number of buildings, so who knows how it is going to be in the near future. There is easy access to transportation, variety of boutiques, eating outlets and everything in between. You are able to find everything and anything in this one stop shop.

The best thing about Princes Town that I have found is that it is crazy cheap. For those who look for a good time but still want a bargain, Princes Town sells various things that are really easy on the wallet. Princes Town is definitely where one should take a stroll or a run for those last minute to-dos.

June 2014 – Issue 10

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Goats in Piparo

By Marika Mohammed.

Living in the city in Trinidad all my life I’ve never heard of Piparo, far less been there. The first thought that came to my mind as I cross the threshold to Piparo was, “This place is real bush!” There was nothing but bush, bush and more bush. Everywhere was bush. In saying that, I guess it’s a good thing. Compared to more modern areas like Port of Spain or San Fernando, Piparo was filled with a variety of trees, bamboo and an adornment of flowers. The air was deliciously breathtaking as there were less pollution and dust.

However, to my surprise Piparo held more surprises than I thought. It is wonderfully peaceful and an uncorrupted environment from business development and traffic congestion. The area is absolutely scenic and one gets a sense of freedom and relief from stress. In other terms, it’s laid back and easy going.

Another thing I found fascinating is seeing living breathing freely-swalking goats. The only time I actually see a goat is on the dinner table. Imagine my excitement on seeing another animal other than the usual dog, cat and bird that can be found anywhere at any time in the city, trotting along the road. They looked adorable jumping as they do in the cartoons. It was such a delight looking at these goats enjoying their natural surroundings.

Piparo also has a volcano. Not the kind that spits out lava but something just as wonderful. I was ecstatic when I was told we were going to visit a mud volcano. This mud volcano is considered to be a must-see attraction for tourists. Now, if tourists are recommended to visit this natural landmark it is a shame if we, the locals, don’t go for an occasional visit. Furthermore, the expansive landscape made the trip even better.

August 2013 – Issue 5

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