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Rats are a lot like men

By Marc Algernon. “We can’t fix crime till we clean up our acts. Without honesty, loyalty, we are nothing but rats.”

Rats snatch and steal and fight

I started thinking of something, rats are a lot like men,

and the games they play, are a lot similar then.

I had a sling shot, quite a work of art

and a healthy target, a house full of rats.

Sure there were toads and bats,

but toads eat flies, nothing good bout rats.

So I waged war, I pillaged the village,

1000 rats to me alone,

I kicked down doors, burnt down homes

I am Spartan wherein I roam.

I didn’t care, I killed rat-man, rat-woman, rat-child…

but they kept coming, this made me smile.

I made rat poison bombs, I bought another sling shot

I killed and killed but the rats wouldn’t stop

Soon I lost interest, rat hunting wasted time…

I put on Crime Watch, so I could watch crime,

Police killed and arrested, put your “inner-sense” away

and crime increased more every day.

It’s hard to believe how much we are alike,

Rats snatch and steal and fight.

Yes! They even have fun,

They squeak and play and run.

They climb, they fall, they jump.

They get rat girlfriends and boy do they hump.

Rats also hump very similar to us,

Except they’re rats, so they don’t make a fuss

They hump on bags of rice, they hump on the floor

Day or night, it’s all open door…

We can’t fix crime, till we clean up our acts

Without honesty, loyalty, we are nothing but rats

They are just like us, to see this is plain

I think I’m gonna pillage the rat village again.

February 2014 – Issue 8    www.sweettntmagazine.com

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