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Marsha Gomes-Mckie, Founder, Caribbean Books Foundation

February 2016 – Issue 20

Sharing my West Indian culture

My name is Beverley Ann Scott and I am a medical doctor by profession. I have always enjoyed writing. When I was in school I enjoyed reading West Indian literature. However most of the readings were very dated and far removed from the reality of my life. I wanted to write a novel that was uniquely Caribbean, modern and one that both old and young could enjoy. While writing this novel I thought especially of young adult readers, teenagers in school. I wanted to write a book that would appeal to that age group but that would also have deeper meaning.

The Stolen Cascadura, launched in 2007, is a West Indian novel set in Trinidad which revolves around characters from different socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The main characters come from two different backgrounds. Some are from the Beetham while others are from the more affluent parts of Trinidad and then there are those from the East. Their lives become intertwined in true Trinidad fashion and in some instances irreversibly changed. The book deals with the issues of class, HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, and vagrancy. It deals with these issues in an entertaining way and uses simple language which makes it easier for the average person to read. Read more

January 2013 – Issue 3

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