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If I can, You Can Too a lovable children’s book

By Stacey Alfonso-Mills, Children’s Book Author. More local please! It is always a great moment when new local books hit the market, especially local children’s illustrated storybooks. One of our recent local storybooks for children “If I can, You Can Too!” is written and self-published by Marsha L Riley and illustrated by Gerrard Gomez.

This book is written at a good pace for kids and captures the essence of four successful local personalities by sharing their humble beginnings that helped each of these personalities succeed in life.

Stories in If I Can, You Can Too!

In “If I Can, You Can Too!”, Marsha shares: Professional Athlete and Olympic Medalist Keshorn Walcott’s desire to use sport to achieve his initial dream of flying on an airplane along with his unwavering commitment to his javelin training even when coaches were not available in his home town of Toco. 

Business Owner John Rahael’s very poor childhood and the early life-lessons in respect, responsibility and hard work that he learned from his father.

Professional Boxer Ria Ramnarine’s financial struggles as a child that never stopped her dreams of training in a gym and competing in the Jean Pierre Complex.

Supporting values and virtues

Local illustrator, Gerrard Gomez, contributes to this storybook with vibrant and creative illustrations. His animated renditions of the book’s characters are lively and on point – exactly what children in this age group would enjoy.

“If I Can, You Can too!” supports the values and virtues that we seek to develop in our children. It is a great addition to our country’s children’s literature selection and a must-have book for kids. This book targets the early-reader age group (average 5-8 years).

“If I Can, You Can Too!” book for children is available at:

– Ire Elephant, Rookery Nook, Maraval

– Paper Based, Normandie Hotel

– Charran’s Book Stores

– Nigel R Khan Stores

For more information, visit

August 2016

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