Virtual Credit Card

Virtual credit card: The safer way to shop online

As digital transactions and online shopping have become commonplace, the prevalence of identity theft, fraud, and privacy breaches has become an unsettling reality.

As consumers increasingly navigate the vast landscape of e-commerce, the need for secure and reliable payment methods has never been more crucial. In response to these concerns, the virtual credit card has emerged as a beacon of safety in the online shopping realm.

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Offering enhanced security features and a shield against potential threats, a virtual credit card is positioned as the safer way to conduct transactions in the virtual marketplace.

This article explores the rising importance of a virtual credit card, shedding light on how it mitigates risks associated with identity theft, fraud, and privacy invasion, ultimately empowering consumers to enjoy the convenience of online shopping without compromising their financial well-being.

A virtual credit card is a digital representation of a physical credit card that exists only in electronic form. It is linked to your primary credit card account but has a unique card number and expiration date.

Unlike a physical card, a virtual card cannot be used for in-store purchases or cash withdrawals.

How a virtual credit card works

  1. Generation: Virtual credit cards are typically generated through a bank’s mobile app or online banking portal. You can request a specific number of cards, set spending limits, and specify their usage parameters.
  2. Activation: Once generated, you can activate the virtual card and utilise it for online transactions. The card number, expiration date, and security code are displayed within the app or portal.
  3. Transactions: When purchasing, you enter the virtual card information as you would with a physical card. The merchant receives only the card details, not your linked bank account or personal information.
  4. Deactivation: After completing a purchase or fulfilling its purpose, you can easily deactivate or delete the virtual card, eliminating its ability to make further transactions.
virtual credit card
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Key features of virtual credit cards

Here are some of the key features of virtual credit cards:

Enhanced security

Virtual credit cards offer an extra layer of protection against fraudulent transactions. Unlike physical cards, virtual cards do not have a physical number, which makes them less vulnerable to skimming or theft. Additionally, virtual cards can be set up with spending limits and restrictions, further safeguarding your finances.

Reduced fraud risk for online shopping

Virtual credit cards are ideal for online shopping, as they minimise the exposure of your personal financial information. When using a virtual card, only the card’s number is shared with the merchant, not your physical card details or linked bank account. Metal Visa Cards

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Convenience for one-time purchases

Virtual credit cards are perfect for one-time purchases, such as online subscriptions or payments to unfamiliar merchants. Once the transaction is complete, you can easily disable or delete the card, preventing further unauthorised use.

Budgeting and spending control

Virtual credit cards can be assigned specific spending limits, helping you manage your budget and avoid overspending. You can set different limits for different cards, ensuring that funds are allocated according to your spending priorities.

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Improved tracking and reconciliation

Virtual credit cards provide clear and detailed transaction records, making it easier to track your spending and reconcile your accounts. You can access transaction history and categorise expenses for better financial management.

Reduced risk of loss or damage

Virtual credit cards eliminate the risk of losing or damaging your physical card. Since they exist digitally, you don’t have to worry about misplacing your card or stealing it.

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Easy accessibility and management

Virtual credit cards can be accessed and managed from anywhere with an internet connection. You can create, modify, and deactivate cards instantly through your bank’s website or mobile app.

Suitable for international transactions

Virtual credit cards are often fee-free for international transactions, making them a cost-effective option for global purchases. They can also be set up with different currencies to avoid conversion fees.

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Ideal for business expenses

Virtual credit cards can be issued to employees for business-related expenses, allowing companies to track and control spending. This can streamline expense management and improve financial accountability.

Enhanced peace of mind

Virtual credit cards provide peace of mind by safeguarding your financial information and reducing the risk of fraud. You can shop online and confidently make payments, knowing that your virtual card offers an extra layer of protection.

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Standard Chartered Bank virtual credit card

An example of a bank-issued virtual credit card would be Standard Chartered Bank virtual credit card. Standard Chartered Bank has been operating in India for over 160 years making it one of the oldest foreign Bank.

The Bank has a network of 100 branches across 42 cities. Key business segments include Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Banking as well as Consumer, Private and Business Banking. For more information, visit

Here are the listed features of Standard Chartered Bank’s virtual credit card:

  • Instant access for online use: Apply and get your virtual credit card instantly, ready for immediate online use.
  • Easy approval credit card: Enjoy a straightforward application process with minimal documentation.
  • Safe and secure use: Benefit from enhanced security measures, including virtual card numbers, CVVs, and expiration dates, to protect your financial information.
  • Exciting offers and perks: Access exclusive discounts and cashback offers from participating merchants.
  • No physical interaction required: Make online transactions without the need for a physical card, reducing the risk of loss or damage.

Here are some additional features specific to Standard Chartered Bank’s virtual credit card:

  • Set spending limits: Control your spending by setting specific limits for each virtual card you create.
  • Track transactions easily: View detailed transaction history for each virtual card through the Standard Chartered mobile app or online banking portal.
  • Disable or delete cards: Easily disable or delete virtual cards when they are no longer needed, preventing unauthorised use.
  • Use for international transactions: Make international payments with minimal fees or charges.
  • Issue cards for employees: Companies can issue virtual cards to employees for business expenses, enabling efficient expense management and tracking.

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Overall, Standard Chartered Bank’s virtual credit card offers a range of features that enhance security, provide spending control, and facilitate convenient online transactions.

Virtual credit cards could be added as an extra layer of protection as you navigate the internet, which has rampant instances of identity theft, fraud, and privacy. As we navigate an ever-expanding online marketplace, the imperative for heightened security measures cannot be overstated.

Virtual credit cards, with their advanced security features and disposable nature, offer consumers a robust defence against potential threats.

By embracing this innovative payment solution, individuals can revel in the convenience of online shopping without compromising their financial safety.

As the virtual landscape continues to evolve, the adoption of virtual credit cards emerges not just as a trend but as a prudent choice—one that empowers consumers to transact with confidence, secure in the knowledge that their sensitive information remains shielded from the reach of malicious actors.

In this digital era, virtual credit cards pave the way for a safer, more secure online shopping experience.


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