Dealing with toxic boss

How to deal with a toxic boss in 5 effective ways

You hate going to work because one person takes pride in making sure that your day is a total mess. You cannot even retaliate because it’s your manager. Each day you feel like the chosen one to be tortured causing you to repeat “I hate my job” like a daily mantra. You think about finding another job even if it means leaving your country just to escape that toxic boss.

Guess what? Your superior takes pride in your leaving and pounces on a new victim as soon as you walk out the door. You can deal with a toxic boss in other ways. These suggestions just might make going to work a lot easier.

5 effective ways to deal with a toxic boss

Do your work properly

Know your job and do the tasks properly to avoid making yourself a target at the workplace. A toxic boss notices the weak employees who make a lot of mistakes and seem incompetent at doing their jobs.

A bad worker is a target for constant criticism, working long hours and being ignored when making requests. A competent worker completes all tasks properly on time and gives no reason for someone to treat them unfairly.

Unfortunately, a toxic boss would still terrorise the competent worker despite perfect efforts. The good news is that when you confront your boss about the injustice you feel, you leave him or her with no ammunition to use against you. You have done your duties perfectly which is all that supposed to matter.

Seek clarity

Being clear is very important in a toxic environment. Taking verbal instructions from your manager and performing the tasks as you have heard it, may land you in a lot of trouble. Your boss may change his or her mind and accuse you of not listening to the instructions.

According to Forbes, try to follow up clear instruction with an email. In an environment where you communicate with your manager and colleagues using email, always write down verbal instructions given to you and ask for clarification. If email is not used, suggest to your boss that you would prefer the instructions in writing to make it clear for you.

Having approved written instructions at a work place is an effective way of avoiding conflict. Your toxic boss would think twice before accusing you of misunderstanding instructions. If anything goes wrong in the company, you have evidence to defend yourself.

Show enthusiasm

When your toxic boss criticises your work meaninglessly, you should show enthusiasm to make it right. Instead of grumbling, you should commend your manager for the observation made and do what was asked.

Yes, this sounds irritating to do because you already loathe this person. But, remember that the sole purpose for putting down your work was to make you feel bad. If you react oppositely to the one expected, then your toxic manager’s efforts to hurt you have failed.

The more often you show your manager that you are happy to do what you are told the less entertaining it becomes. Let’s face it, you would be making the change whichever way you choose to respond. So, why not try this strategy to put the senseless criticisms to an end.

Say thank you

Saying thank you for everything to your toxic boss is another effective method to get him or her off your back. A worst case scenario is it’s your birthday and you are excited to leave work to start celebrating, but, you are asked to stay back and do extra duties.

Instead of planning the perfect murder of your toxic boss, how about seeing the positive side of the event. Say, “Thank you, for allowing me this opportunity. I would love to make extra money for my birthday working overtime.”

You may have spoiled your manager’s plan to upset your birthday with that comment. A toxic boss does not want to make you happy so learning that you are overjoyed may be the reason he or she would ease up on you. You were going to do the work anyway so why not make the best of the day.


Focus on yourself

Yes, being positive is the solution to your ordeal at work. Change your attitude towards everything that tries to upset your peace. It’s not about being a pushover or being a sarcastic person. Being positive means making the best out of every situation by looking for a positive way to deal with it.

Start changing your attitude by knowing your worth. If you are being mistreated, have a conversation with your toxic boss. If you are still not heard, demand your respect. Still not getting respect? Then, work on getting another job and surprise your boss with a resignation letter.

Some people use this opportunity to enter entrepreneurship with the many opportunities available to make this possible. Know your worth and treat yourself the way you would like everyone to treat you.

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