Mean boss

Why do I have a mean boss? How to make going to work much easier

You think you have a mean boss who enjoys hurting you and in turn you hurt yourself by changing who you are.

At work, you complete a task successfully and expect your manager to say “well done” and send you home early. Instead, your work is senselessly criticised and you get more work to do that could have been done tomorrow.

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You are crotchety, you perform the job haphazardly, and you snap at everyone. At this point, you wonder if your mean boss enjoys hurting you. This is because it’s only when you turn into a sourpuss you get the most respect.

Are you allowing your mean boss to do this to you?

Ask yourself, “What happened to the bubbly, enthusiastic person I knew myself to be a few years ago?” Remember how you entered this job with dreams and hopes?

What happened to your go-getter attitude? Why do you wake up every morning feeling depressed, bored with your life, and wishing to win the lottery? Are you allowing your mean boss to do this to you?

Analysing the situation

You start asking questions like, “What have I done to deserve this?” You notice your mean boss is nice to other employees but just flat out mean to you. You compare yourself to others to find answers.

After careful analysis, you are convinced why you are disliked by your boss. It’s because you are the most skilfull and reliable employee in the company.

You are certain that your manager feels threatened by you. You are capable of being promoted if you continue the way you are performing.

If it’s not that then it has to be that your boss is jealous of your good looks. These thoughts make you feel a whole lot better despite feeling like a workhorse.

You frighten your mean boss

Ask yourself, “Are my soothing thoughts about my manager’s mean actions enough to make my life amazing?” You deserve the best life ever and only you can give you this.

Like a mother lion that would kill a predator that lurks around her cubs, your boss protects his or her job. If you are indeed a potential candidate for a promotion, then expect your perfectly done work to be lambasted.

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Don’t waste your time trying to figure out what you have done wrong. You need to admit to yourself that you are doing everything right. It’s so right that it frightens the person who is in charge of you. You need to acknowledge that your manager is a human being with bad experiences and insecurities just like everyone else.

Being grumpy, assertive, and demanding are probably the qualities that got your boss the job in the first place. By you being good at your job would obviously be a problem. You need to take action to make going to work much easier. See how to deal with a toxic boss in another feature.

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