Joyanne James

Joyanne James. Sweet TnT Short Stories

Joyanne James is an author and editor of several tales in Sweet TnT Short Stories and Sweet TnT 100 West Indian Recipes. She is passionate about being a mother, writing poetry and teaching English. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language, Literature with Education from the University …

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Jevan Soyer

Jevan Soyer. Sweet TnT Short Stories

Jevan Soyer is a devoted father of two sons and a busy body at home and work. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Health and Safety from the University of London. He is a director at Culturama Publishing Company, Study Zone Institute and Sweet TnT Magazine. He …

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Omilla Mungroo

Omilla Mungroo. Sweet TnT Short Stories

Omilla Mungroo is a mother of two who describes herself as a simple person. She is passionate about writing short stories and poetry, has a degree in Education from the University of Trinidad and Tobago and did courses in hairdressing and counselling. She has worked in several fields which she …

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Kerry Mc Donald

Kerry Mc Donald. Sweet TnT Short Stories

Kerry Mc Donald is an easygoing person or maybe introvert at heart. She is employed in the financial sector as a document management clerk and focusses on building her passion in cake decorating and sugarcraft creations running her cake business part time. She has done creative work for various celebrations …

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Euline Joseph

Euline Joseph. Sweet TnT Short Stories

Euline Joseph is a talented writer who enjoys turning everyday life situations into comical short stories. When she is not at her day job in the food industry, she is busy spending time with loved ones making everyone laugh. She loves to sketch the characters and situations in her short …

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