Raise your vibrations
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Raise your vibrations: How to manifest abundance effortlessly

Why do you need to raise your vibrations in order to manifest abundance into your life? If you work extremely hard but struggle to achieve your goals then this article is for you.

You’ve probably heard about the law of attraction and understand that this involves conceiving, believing and achieving your goals. Many persons affirm wealth, great health, better relationships but still don’t achieve their desires.

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Law of Attraction: How to conceive, believe, and achieve in 5 steps

So, why is the law of attraction working for some and not others? It is because of vibrations.

What are vibrations and how do they attract?

Vibrations are the emotions that allow you to feel good or bad. According to proponents of the law of attraction, you attract exactly what you feel.

Low vibrations happen when your emotions are in a constant state of annoyance, frustration, envy, anger and depression. These vibrations attract constant negativity into your life causing you to feel even more annoyed, frustrated, jealous, angry and depressed. So, while you are affirming positive thoughts, it conflicts with your low vibrations.

High vibrations however occur when your emotions are in a constant state of happiness, pleasure, satisfaction and gratitude. These vibrations allow you to attract everything that you affirm easily and effortlessly.

In order to maintain a positive mood during the toughest times, you need a routine that would keep your vibrations high consistently. Here are 8 things to do to raise your vibrations to manifest abundance easily and effortlessly.

Simple tricks for a better routine


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8 Things to do to raise your vibrations

1. Feel grateful

Be thankful for everything in your life. Having gratitude for the little things will raise your vibrations immediately. You don’t even have to look at the material things that you possess, simply be grateful for being alive, family, friends, and the capability of functioning daily.

2. Exercise

Exercise pumps up your endorphins which are happy hormones. Move your body for 20 minutes every day to feel good all the time. You can do yoga poses, walk around the block, dance around the house, get active in a sport, or join a gym.

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3. Have a healthy diet

You are what you eat is a common statement that should help you to have a healthy diet. Choose to eat more fruits and vegetables along with the healthier options in the other food groups as in protein foods, fats, dairy, and grains. Also, drink 8 glasses a water every day to keep your body hydrated.

4. Clean up well

Clean up yourself and your surroundings to raise your vibrations now. A clean person and spotless home give off positive energy for attracting good things. Cleaning up yourself involves taking care of your mind and body both on the outside and inside.

Freshen up from head to toe in the bathroom, detoxify your bowels, and fill your mind with educational and inspirational information. Also, make sure that your home is clean and inviting at all times.

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5. Keep positive relationships

Observe people who give off positive energy and associate yourself with them regularly. Social connection helps us to regulate our emotions, lead to higher self-esteem and increases empathy.

Avoid socialising with toxic people who can raise your anxiety and cause depression. Raise your vibrations and keep them high consistently by keeping positive relationships.

6. Entertain yourself

Raise your vibrations immediately with entertainment that makes you feel energised. Create a music playlist with all your favourite tunes on an app that you can access easily.

Find a streaming service that offers some of the best movies that excite you every time you watch them. Read some funny jokes on the internet. Play games with your family members and friends.

7. Help others in need

“Do onto others as you would like them do onto you” should be your motto to keep your vibrations high all the time. Make yourself available to give assistance to other people in any way that you can afford to.

You can spend time with someone, offer advice, share your food and clothing, help clean someone’s home, donate money, or assist a struggling reader.

8. Affirm abundance

High vibrations attract abundance so now is the time to affirm consistently. Attract anything you desire by making a detailed list. Write down your wishes using “I am” statements.

These are goals written in the present tense as if you have already achieved them. When you repeat your affirmations you say, “I am healthy… I am wealthy… I am safe… I am happy.”

I am affirmations: How to achieve it all in 5 steps



These are the 8 things that you should do consistently to raise your vibrations quickly. When practised successfully, you will know that you are doing it correctly. This is because you experience exhilarating emotions constantly. These allow you to feel powerful and at the same time humble to receive what is rightfully yours from the universe.


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