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Grow up! 5 obvious signs you avoid acting like an adult

As you turn 18, you enter a new world where suddenly everyone expects you to grow up and act like an adult. You may even find reading this article very difficult because it is telling you exactly what you hear every day.

Your parents ring off your ears telling you to get a job, find your own place, get your own car, buy your own food, and worst of all, pay some bills. This is when you start appreciating your teenage years and wish you had been nicer to your parents.

Just a few years ago, you felt like you had all the problems in the world. Your hormones were going crazy causing you to have an awkward appearance and emotional distress. Also, you had minimal freedom while you struggled with the annoyances of school.

Now, your teen years don’t seem too bad as you realise how privileged you were to have everything handed to you. Many young adults face this situation and instead of acting their age, they try their best to not grow up.

Grow up! 5 obvious signs you avoid acting like an adult

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According to The Atlantic, taking more time to come of age is not due to lack of stamina or motivation, delayed adulthood is an expected response to the economic conditions shaping the period when young adults enter the workforce.

The 5 common markers of being an adult are finishing one’s education, leaving home, finding work, finding a life partner, and having children. Many young adults avoid these responsibilities because they are set out to judge them.

If you are a young adult who struggle to cope with growing up, forget the list of expectations set out by society that make you feel overwhelmed and simply stop depending on others from now on.

Think about all the people who you choose to burden while you refuse to grow up. The people in your life have to be responsible whether they like it or not just to take care of you. Here are 5 signs that show you avoid acting like an adult and tips to help you to grow up.

5 signs you need to grow up

Grow up! 5 obvious signs you avoid acting like an adult

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1. You conveniently act irresponsible

A person over the age of 18 who picks and chooses when to act responsible is avoiding growing up. You still live with your parents but you barely earn your keep. You hardly do chores, show little interest in getting an education, and can’t seem to get a job, not even a menial one.

However, when it comes to grooming yourself, upgrading your phone, using social media, playing games and entertaining the opposite sex, you are most responsible. Have some dignity and start acting responsible in all areas of your life.

2. Are you lazy or not?

If you sleep more than the persons who buy food and pay bills in the home, then you are delaying growing up on purpose. If after your long rest, you still behave sluggish so as to avoid work, but you display energy with your personal activities, then you need to cut that out.

A person over the age of 18 who lives at home and does not contribute financially is in no position to sleep more than the persons who do. Since you do not work outside the home, you have to earn your keep without the other adults asking you to do so. Check yourself and start adulting.

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3. Why is it only your parents can criticise you?

Accepting criticism from your parents about your irresponsible behaviour but feeling embarrassed when others do the same is a sign that you need to grow up. This means that you feel comfortable milking your parents, having them pay your bills, buy your food and pay for your schooling whether they like it or not.

The truth is you are uncomfortable when other people notice. Getting annoyed when your neighbours state the obvious is admitting that you are doing something wrong. Focus on becoming independent and not being a topic of discussion.

4. Are you constantly defending yourself?

When you act irresponsible on purpose, you tend to become very defensive when people point it out, so this a sign that you need to grow up. Accepting responsibility for your actions is a big part of being an adult and responsible adults can spot a fraud from afar.

When you fumble to explain why you did something ridiculous and believe you were convincing, all you did was show that you refuse to accept responsibility for your actions. Stop making excuses and start acting your age.

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5. Another opportunity gone by?

When you turned 18, the doors of opportunities opened up to you, but if you allowed them to pass you by, then you need to grow up. Stalling tactics are used by persons who fear change and the responsibilities that come with it.

You need to remember that time waits on no one, wasted opportunities are lost, your parents are not going to be around to support you all the time and life will get harder for you as you grow older without a solid foundation. Start grabbing opportunities while you are young and make yourself a functional individual in your society.

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Grow up! 5 obvious signs you avoid acting like an adult

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