Elementary & Middle School Counselor Vacancy

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      Elementary & Middle School Counselor Vacancy

      Elementary & Middle School Counselor, Part Time Teaching Vacancy

      Elementary & Middle School Counselor Vacancy

       DEADLINE: April 30, 2021

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      The International School of Port of Spain (ISPS) is a mission-driven school. Our dedicated faculty and staff aim to develop independent learners who strive for academic excellence, pursue their unique potential, and meet challenges with confidence and integrity as they prepare for global citizenship. As an accredited, private, independent school ISPS is a community that is passionate about learning and the pursuit of personal excellence.

      Job Goal/ Purpose

      The Elementary and Middle School Counselor utilizing leadership, advocacy, and collaboration, promotes student success, provides preventive services, and responds to identified student needs by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses academic and personal/social development for all students.

      Duties/ Responsibilities

      The Elementary and Middle School Counselor assists students by:

      • Meeting with individual students having social, emotional, or behavioral difficulty;
      • Meeting with small groups of students to promote friendship and positive problem-solving strategies;
      • Orienting new students and assisting with their adjustment to school (transition within, into, and out of ISPS);
      • Working in collaboration with teachers to promote all elements of ISPS’s Learning Essentials;
      • Providing intervention services during crisis situations;
      • Developing developmental guidance programs for students in conjunction with teaching staff;
      • Participating in Student Service Team (SST) to address individual student needs.

      The Elementary and Middle School Counselor assists parents by:

      • Consulting on issues affecting their child’s academic, social and emotional growth;
      • Promoting positive partnerships between home and school;
      • Presenting workshops on topics that help promote positive adjustments and school success for their child(ren);
      • Referring students and parents to appropriate community resources when needed and working with external agencies and experts in supporting students and their families;
      • Providing crisis intervention services;
      • Maintaining a parents’ library of books and resources on parenting and child development;
      • Clarifying the screening procedures and results of social, emotional, and /or behavior assessment.

      The Elementary and Middle School Counselor assists by:

      • Promoting a welcoming, accepting, positive learning environment throughout the divisions;
      • Working in conjunction with the Admission’s Office and coordinating the admissions process through interviews and testing, evaluation of previous school records, and decision-making process involving other departments within the school;
      • Coordinates testing with all stakeholders;
      • Uses data to develop comprehensive programs that meet student needs;
      • Accurately and appropriately interprets and utilizes student data;
      • Maintaining confidential, accurate Student Services Team files;
      • Contacting and consulting with teachers regarding student’s academic performance and or social/emotional development when necessary;
      • Developing school-wide crisis protocols and serve on crisis management teams;
      • Developing school-wide programs that promote a positive school climate;
      • Procuring and maintaining a current library of guidance materials;
      • Assisting in the Student Service Team referral process;
      • Providing relevant background information on students;
      • Assisting teachers in the development of individual behavioral management techniques;
      • Working collaboratively when appropriate and as needed, with ESOL teachers, Learning Support teachers, administrators, teachers, and teams of teachers to meet students’ needs;
      • Facilitating faculty development programs on issues related to social, emotional, and behavioral development;
      • Continuing professional development by attending “best practice” workshops;
      • Working with teachers to support students’ academic, social and emotional growth by providing social-emotional counseling support to teachers;
      • Actively promoting the work of the Counseling Department throughout the Elementary and Middle School;
      • Performing other duties assigned by Elementary and Middle School Principals.

      Qualifications and Experience Required

      • Masters’ Degree or higher;
      • Current certification as an educational psychologist;
      • Training and experience as an educational psychologist in a school setting;
      • Experience in the administration and interpretation of diagnostic tests, including both cognitive and academic tests;
      • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
      • Strong team facilitation and problem-solving skills.

      *Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

      Apply Now

      Working at ISPS

      The International School of Port of Spain believes that our teachers and staff are the School’s greatest assets. We are an equal-opportunity employer and open to ideas and people regardless of their age, race, nationality, political, philosophical or religious conviction, sex, disabilities or marital status.

      The Board of Directors is intent on recruiting and retaining the service of highly qualified professionals committed to the needs of children and the Mission and Vision of the school. As such, we seek qualified teachers and staff who are:

      • deeply committed to creating a vibrant learning community
      • dedicated to developing passionate learners who strive for excellence and pursue their unique potential.

      We seek to employ persons who are:

      • resilient
      • innovative
      • act with confidence and integrity
      • caring global citizens

      We also seek to employ persons who are dedicated to creating a harmonious working environment through shared values, reflective dialogue and collaboration.

      Investment in your Professional Development

      The school works to promote a lifelong commitment to learning through a variety of ongoing professional development activities. Staff members are encouraged to join and participate actively in professional associations and development, in order to keep abreast of current educational research and practice.

      If you are interested in joining our team of professionals, we welcome you to view our Current Vacancies.

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