Grow hair naturally with Peta J

Grow hair naturally with local product by Peta J

“Peta J’s Miracle Hair Growth stimulates hair follicles to grow hair naturally. It softens and repairs damaged hair, relieves dandruff and prevents split ends,” says the creator Peta-Gay Johnson. The origin of the product started in 2016 when Peta was on a quest for a better hair care product. Peta J’s Miracle Hair Growth was improvised in 2018 and in 2019 the product was finally completed. “It had the best and naturally safe ingredients with 100 percent authenticity,” says the past student of the University of the West Indies.

Customers who grow hair naturally

Peta says that customers have made several reports. They said that by using Peta J’s Miracle Hair Growth, their hair is retaining moisture. It has less shedding and beautiful hair growth development occurring. The hair care product is made with natural authentic ingredients that is locally sourced in Trinidad and Tobago.

Customers are given genuine advice on what to add and what to eliminate from their diet. This allows them to maximise on the full potential of the product towards their hair goals. Customers are also given 25 percent discount on their first order. They receive an additional free item on orders with two or more of Peta J’s Miracle Hair Growth.

Different ethnicity can grow hair naturally

“In 2020, my youngest sister Shelly-Ann Johnson encouraged me to share my hair care product regionally. She and other family members were seeing results in a matter of one day, one week and two weeks. It depended on what were their hair care needs.

“My family and I prayed about it. I came to the conclusion to help people of different ethnicity. I wanted to offer them results for healthier care from a product with quality and that was result oriented. We were brain storming on a name for the product and we decided to use Peta J’s Miracle Hair Growth.”

Hope for both men and women

In 2020, Peta J’s Miracle Hair Growth was officially launched via social media platforms and word of mouth. “I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback and requests of the product. Both male and female customers were experiencing tremendous results. The feeling they described was the same joy that I felt. I was elated when I started to see and experience my personal results from Peta J’s Miracle Hair Growth. I believe in giving both men and women hope, confidence and trust in a product that actually cares about their hair care needs.

“Peta J’s Miracle Hair Growth fulfils the need of every hair type of both men and women. The product gives healthy moisturised hair, maintainability, length retention, and restoration of damaged texturised and natural hair.”

Contact information

Whatsapp: 868-773-7831




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