Cheap food

Cheap food: The Promise Basket ensures T&T families are satisfied

“Because of our service many families can have food on their table.” Jennifer Thomas, Minister at Eagles Evangelistic Outreach Ministry, shares insights about their programme, The Promise Basket, that provides cheap food to families in Trinidad and Tobago.

The service we provide is beneficial to persons from all walks of life but mainly persons within the lower income bracket who struggle to purchase basic food items. 

Our service was the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago and although we have not reached our full potential, we are satisfied to know that because of our service many families can have food on their table. 

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Food packages range from $100 to $300

The Promise Basket is a food subscription programme whereby members pay an annual fee to be a part of it. We provide food packages consisting of: 

Dry goods (rice flour sugar oil peas/beans onions/garlic)

Numerous vegetables, poultry (chicken and turkey parts) meats and local fruit

Our packages range from $100 to $300

Persons can also get these packages delivered to their homes at an additional cost

Cheap food






*Attachments sold separately.

Cheap food

Providing food and clothing to the less fortunate

I am a wife and mom of six adult men, grandmother and a Minister of the word at my church, Eagles Evangelistic Outreach Ministry, in which this amazing programme began. I am a graduate of St Joseph’s Convent, St Joseph and I was employed at Ministry of planning for many key projects but was never permanent.

I also worked with many market research agencies including HHB and Associates. My main jobs were conducting field research with those companies. I love gardening and food production so in my spare time I attend to my garden where I live in Lower Santa Cruz.

I am the head of the hospitality department at my church. My responsibilities include liaising with other NGOs to provide food and clothing to the less fortunate. I have proudly held this position for 15 years.

Promise Basket cheap food eggs
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Promise Basket cheap food cassava flour

Cheap food was promised to those in need

In 2016, someone approached me for some foodstuff at a time when we did not have much to give. I must say the first inspiration in this initiative was God, because after that day I collected $200 from 12 church members and bought food wholesale and divided it between the said 12 members.

It is from there our programme started. Cheap food was promised to those in need and that is how the name came about, The Promise Basket. 

Cheap food

Feedback from members

We have so many experiences that we can share. We have a large family of 11 members who are struggling to make ends meet. They have been members of the programme for four years and they have made our packages the base of their monthly food source.

The head of the home is the elderly grandmother and she insists that if wasn’t for our baskets they would not be able to purchase some basic food stuff.

Another single father has been a member for three years and he also insists that he can provide the basic and necessary foodstuff for himself and his three small children through our programme.

We have not encountered any really bad experiences except for the time a lady felt that she did not receive enough vegetables in her package and made false claims about us. An article in the Trinidad Express cleared up the issue.

Promise Basket cheap food box of green leafy vegetables

We are currently working on frozen ground provisions, frozen local fruit, frozen soup packs, etc. that we hope to be out before the end of the year.

Past Packages

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  • 290918591 5219189748130194 5993741672638603609 n
  • 293047583 5249567791759056 7147308753252923185 n
  • 293570693 5249567998425702 2709119996984761656 n
  • 292039714 5219189564796879 7688538055860442512 n
  • 289585766 5219189518130217 6886176101756747824 n
  • 291941350 5219189624796873 4151459425419180607 n

Contact The Promise Basket for cheap food

Persons may contact The Promise Basket at:

Trinidad: (868) 794-7846 / 756-0135 / 393-3535 

Tobago: (868) 488-6207




Cheap food


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