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Make money.
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When you help a company sell its products or services to their customers, you should not expect to receive more than you have put in. Remember, if you didn’t invest millions of dollars or spent years without pay developing the brand of the company, then forget about fighting for what is not yours.

Pie in the sky idea

Jumping from job to job hoping to sell your service to a company with a friendly staff, a pleasant work environment, satisfactory working hours, a high paying salary and a reasonable boss is simply a pie in the sky idea. What you should do is go the extra mile and sell your service directly to customers for yourself. You may actually be able to achieve the success you desire. All you need is determination and you might be running your own company soon.

Learn to sell

If you want to make money you need to know how to sell. Having a product or service and not knowing how to get it out of your hands makes absolutely no sense. Many people start businesses and end up with thousands of dollars worth of material on their hands because they never calculated what happens after production. The same goes for services as skilled people are stuck with their talents and no customers.

Start learning to sell by religiously reading and watching videos about marketing, investing, basic accounting, successful people, and any material you find on how to sell. Learn how to sell yourself, how to master the art of selling, and how to pitch anything with an innovative method on presenting, persuading, and winning the deal.

Get a journal and record the ideas to sell that may work for you taking into consideration your personality, network, budget, competition, and the economy. Bear in mind that fear is the number one obstacle for an entrepreneur so you may need to resolve that issue as part of your self-training. Turn fear of change into fuel for success.

What can you sell to make money

After you are competent about selling then you can pick from these five options to make money and tell off your boss as you wish.

Make it. Many people are creators of websites, graphic designs, stories, photography, art, jewelry, foods and beverages, clothing, hairstyles, furniture, music, and illusions. Start using your talents at home with full force and produce enough work that would make money for you like crazy.

Fix it. You may possess the talent to repair things but instead of wasting it on yourself, friends and family for free, advertise your service and start fixing other people’s things for big money that awaits you out there.

Teach it. Don’t sit down on all that knowledge in your brain and waste it on making new posts on social media. There are thousands of students hungry for knowledge and willing to pay you for it. Offer private lessons to struggling primary and secondary level students. Your market is large and will be ongoing as long as people are willing to learn.

Plant it. Try growing plants in your backyard that people are willing to buy. Don’t waste time and energy growing cheap flowers and vegetable produce that customers can find at any market. Grow rare flowers and plants that beautify or serve the purpose of purifying the air.

Rear it. Taking care of animals to sell may work for some of you who have experience in growing healthy animals at a low cost. If you choose to breed fish, chickens, dogs, or birds it is usually cheaper to make your own food for them to eat. You will definitely enjoy the returns on rearing animals as long as you care for them as your very own pets.

July 2017

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