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Karlon St Bernard created an online database where citizens of Trinidad and Tobago can search for a taxi/maxi driver in real-time through their license plate and leave reviews. In this way, passengers can know their drivers before travelling and feel safe on the road. Karlon shares more about his service.

This service is targeted towards women to feel safe and be protected when using public transport. Technically anyone can use it. Teenagers can let parents know the taxi/maxi in which they are travelling. It is very easy to use, and means to protect women and drivers. It makes it easy to know who the driver is before you enter the vehicle and share this information with family/friends. 

If a taxi driver’s car is stolen, the general public can know before entering the vehicle that the person is not the taxi driver and avoid entering. The Taxi Drivers’ Association can help with drivers signing up for the database.

Sign up to know your taxi/maxi drivers

It’s very easy to use.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Type in the license plate of the vehicle you are about to enter (example search for “hij1234”)

Step 3: You will now be able to see basic information about the driver, you can take a screenshot and share with family and friends

Step 4: You can see reviews before you enter the vehicle and can also add reviews anytime

Crime in Trinidad and Tobago

My family have been victims of crime in Trinidad and Tobago. My sister had her phone stolen by criminals. My brother was held at gunpoint and robbed of his taxi. After reading about the recent crime situation and fears when using public transport, I decided to build something that can help solve this problem. I hope to have a full database of trusted drivers who will take our women safely to their destinations for the everyday commute.

People after work waiting for transport, red band Maxi Taxi bus station at City Gate, Port of Spain. Drivers.

Aim to involve drivers, public and government

1. A taxi driver car is stolen: The general public can know before entering the vehicle that the person is not the taxi driver and avoid entering. The taxi driver association can help with drivers signing up for the database

2. The public has a sense of safety when using public transport: The public can help by pushing drivers to sign up so they can be verified and the public can have better access to the service

3. The government and business can assist with supporting the platform: The aim would be to improve the efficiency of the transportation sector. With their support, new features can be added. Most importantly, it can be maintained.

Drivers and passengers meet on

My career in tech

I spent most of my formative years living in Santa Margarita. I moved to the United States when I was around 15, but I currently live in London, UK. I am 32 years old. I have been back to TnT and spent some time working at the ODPM. I won an award in the Idea2Innovation competition in the Information & Technology category to improve citizens’ access to legal services through a web app. I decided to focus more on a tech career when I realised the role tech could play in solving many of the challenges we face. I began taking online coding courses to get more involved in the tech world. The tech company I work for is based in Bejing, China. I lead up a team in London UK. I work with a wide range of clients across different industries. I help them better grow their business through Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and product analysis.

Success can be achieved with stakeholders

I hope we can build this out, but the success depends on all the stakeholders being involved.

1. The taxi association can encourage safe drivers to sign up, and let’s all do our part to make the roads safe

2. The public can encourage drivers who have not signed up to do so as it takes less than 5 minutes

3. Government and private businesses can assist with supporting the maintenance supporting the product roadmap

Contact information

You may contact me at:




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Drivers and passengers meet on

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