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Surrogacy: What are the side effects and can you avoid them?

Today, surrogacy is the greatest achievement of humanity to treat severe infertility. Indeed, thanks to the latest medical technologies, people who are doomed to childlessness and have lost hope of having a child can still challenge nature and give birth to their own baby. It is just necessary to select a good surrogate mother and pay the cost of a perfect surrogacy programme. But the use of such services raises many questions. One such issue is the side effects of surrogacy.

As experts of the best surrogacy agency World Center of Baby note, during the implementation of the surrogacy programme, a woman needs to take hormonal drugs regularly, and in higher quantities than usual. Some scientists note that when taking such potent drugs, a woman may experience some health problems. In this regard, future surrogate mothers need to sensibly evaluate and be aware of the possible consequences.

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What health complications can arise?

If the pregnancy occurs, then the greatest load is on the cardiovascular system of a woman. The hormonal background may also be disturbed, as a result of which early menopause or ovarian depletion may occur. Also, pregnancy gives a high load on the thyroid gland and kidneys because the female body begins to work immediately for two or even three.

However, you should understand that such serious complications can arise only in the case of incorrect selection of hormonal drugs. An experienced fertility specialist working in a specialised clinic should select medicines individually for each woman, taking into account her physiological and age characteristics.

Gestational surrogacy Ukraine: How often do women face complications?

According to the World Center of Baby, throughout the practice of using assisted reproductive technologies, negative consequences from the best surrogacy Ukraine were extremely rare. And if women nevertheless faced such problems, then, in general, they proceeded easily and painlessly and were subsequently eliminated. The specialists of this best surrogacy agency in Ukraine note that the most important thing is the regular intake of all drugs that are prescribed by a qualified doctor.

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It should also be taken into account that pregnancy is a complex and unpredictable process, and any female body reacts to it in different ways. Therefore, according to the law, no specialist will be able to accurately predict certain possible complications. If a surrogate mother encounters any problems while carrying a foetus, she should immediately visit a reproductive specialist who leads your programme. Self-medication during the surrogacy programme is strictly prohibited.

In general, the risks of getting health problems are minimal. The most important thing is to find a good and reliable specialised agency with its own clinic, for example, such as the World Center of Baby, that will accompany the implementation of the gestational surrogacy programme at an affordable price.

The World Center of Baby website provides a forum where you can get answers to all your questions regarding the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine, the possibility of participating in the programme for gay men, etc. Be sure to take time to visit it.


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