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The Mango Tree – short story

By Israel Ramsumair, 11 years oldYesterday was a day that was not to be forgotten. Malykk came up with such an idea that it turned out to be very good, well, not so good! Here’s how it went. It all started on the first of April after school when Nathan, Malykk and I were walking home. – Mango

While we were walking Malykk said to Nathan, “Nathan boy, today is ah nice day for some ripe mangoes.” “Yes, but how and where are we going to get them?” enquired Nathan.

By the time we had gotten home and changed, it was then I remembered there was a neighbour who planted a mango tree some years ago, and it bore mangoes every year. “I know where we can get it,” I said, “over by the neighbour’s backyard there is a nice mango tree with some nice ripe starch mangoes.”

Then Malykk exclaimed, “Then what we waiting for? Let us go!” “Oh no I out of that!” exclaimed Nathan, “There’s no way I going in the neighbour’s yard! You don’t know it have a dog? A German Shepherd!”

“So!” Malykk shot back, “Let’s go!” Nathan got more and more tempted to go with us but still refused to go. “I don’t know ‘bout you two but I going inside. With that he went inside. “That is you! We’re going!” I shouted.

We ran to the fence and jumped over. There we saw the shady mango tree with some mouthwatering starch mangoes. Stealthily we started climbing the tree. As soon as we reached the top we sat in the branches to catch our breath, then after two or three minutes we started to pick the mangoes and eat them.

What allyuh doin up in meh mango tree?

While we were enjoying some mouthwatering mangoes we were suddenly surprised to see Nathan climb up the mango tree. Sitting on a branch, he picked a mango and started eating and staring at us. “I don’t know ‘bout you two but I going inside,” Malykk said in a mocking voice. “Oh shut up you. I only changed my mind,” he said.

We continued eating mangoes until we were full. We climbed down and walked back to the fence and started to climb over when out of nowhere came the huge German Shepherd. It showed its teeth and growled at us, we all immediately froze, immobilised in fright.

Then something happened that made Malykk and I regret with a passion – the neighbour appeared in front of the doorway and came to the dog. “Down, Axel, down! Well well, look what we have here, what allyuh doin up in meh mango tree eatin meh mangoes eh? You think I didn’t see you eating them!” We were trembling when he spoke. We were caught red handed!

“W…W…Well,” said Malykk trembling. “We only ate three mangoes each.” The neighbour turned to the dog and commanded. “Axel go!” The dog growled at us as if it wanted to shred us apart then scampered to its kennel.

Then a little smile crossed the neighbour’s face, and he burst into laughter. “APRIL fools!” he shouted. “You could go but next time don’t, and I mean don’t ever eat meh mangoes again eh or I will set meh dog on allyuh.” We were so afraid we ran back to our house and shut the door in panic.

“Never me again!” I said relieved.

“Yeh, I never going back in that yard again!” said Malykk exhausted.

“Well I hope allyuh learn allyuh lesson about taking things when people didn’t give allyuh permission,” said Nathan.

“How yuh mean? You was with we,” I said vexed.

“Yeh, that is because allyuh change meh mind,” Nathan replied.

That was a day that will be forever embedded in my memory.

April 2014 – Issue 9

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