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Wind turbine: Vertical or horizontal, which is better?

Whether the decision to generate your own electricity is because of rate increases, environmental concerns or energy independence during these uncertain times, a wind turbine would make a great addition.

This is because the one flaw with solar is that the sun does not shine at night. So, if you would like to generate electricity during the night or even on very overcast days, adding a wind turbine would ensure that you meet your domestic energy needs.

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When it comes to wind generation there are two commercially available options. Vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs) and horizontal-axis wind turbines (HAWTs).

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and which one is “better” depends on various factors, including the specific application and environmental conditions. Let’s compare the two:

Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

Omnidirectional wind capture

VAWTs can capture wind from any direction since they have a vertical rotation axis. This makes them potentially more suitable for areas with variable or turbulent wind patterns.

Lower noise and visual impact

VAWTs are often quieter and may be considered less visually obtrusive compared to large HAWTs. They can be more aesthetically pleasing for some locations.

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Simpler installation and maintenance

VAWTs are typically easier to install and maintain because they have a lower centre of gravity and don’t require yaw mechanisms to track the wind.

Potential for vertical stacking

VAWTs can be stacked vertically on a single tower, making them suitable for applications with limited horizontal space.

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Can be installed in built-up areas

If you live in an urban area, where space is at a premium and your neighbours may be close by HAWTs would be the best option here.

As they require very little space, and you can take advantage of the fact that winds flow at a higher speed when funnelled between buildings and houses.

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Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT)

Higher efficiency

HAWTs are generally more efficient at converting wind energy into electricity, especially in consistent and strong winds.

Proven technology

HAWTs have been widely used and tested over the years, making them a mature and reliable technology.

Greater scalability

HAWTs can be scaled up to produce more electricity, making them suitable for utility-scale wind farms.

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Taller tower options

HAWTs can be mounted on taller towers, reaching higher altitudes where wind speeds are generally higher.

Choosing between VAWTs and HAWTs depends on your specific goals and site conditions. If you have a location with variable wind patterns and space constraints, VAWTs may be a suitable choice.

However, if you are looking for higher energy production and have access to consistent, strong winds, HAWTs are generally more efficient.

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A hybrid system is the best bet

Incorporating wind turbines alongside a solar panel system provides a powerful and versatile approach to sustainable energy generation. This strategy capitalises on the strengths of both wind and solar resources, offering a myriad of benefits.

First, the diversification of energy sources enhances the reliability of your power supply. When the sun isn’t shining brightly, wind turbines can still generate electricity, and vice versa.

This complementary relationship ensures consistent energy production throughout the day and across seasons. As a result, your overall system operates more efficiently and offers greater energy yield.

This symbiotic arrangement can significantly reduce costs as certain components, such as inverters and storage systems, can be shared between the two systems, optimising your investment.

Additionally, combining wind and solar power is a step toward energy security. The reduction of reliance on a single energy source is particularly important for off-grid or backup power systems, as it ensures a more stable and dependable energy supply.

ECO-WORTHY 1400W Solar Wind Power Kit

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 400W Wind Turbine600W 12V800W 24V Complete1200W 24V Complete1400W 24V Complete
Daily output1.6KWh2.4KWh3.2KWh5KWh6KWh
Solar panel model100W Mono195W Mono100W Mono100W Mono
Number of Solar Panel22810
Pure Sine Wave Inverter1000 12V1500W 24V-110V1500W 24V-110V3500W 24V-110V
Battery2 pcs 100AH2 pcs 100AH2 pcs 100AH4 pcs 100AH
Price12V 500W US$499.8812V 600W US$598.5524V 800W US$799.9924V 1200W US$1,499.9924V 1400W US$2,199.99

Moreover, these renewable energy sources are environmentally friendly and offer the potential for energy independence, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Furthermore, wind and solar systems are highly adaptable and scalable to meet your specific energy needs.

You can easily expand or reduce your system by adding more solar panels or wind turbines, allowing you to tailor the energy generation capacity to changing requirements.

The integration with battery storage further enhances your system’s reliability, ensuring a constant power supply, even during grid outages.

It’s important to conduct a site-specific feasibility study and consider factors like wind speed, local regulations, installation costs, and energy needs when deciding which type of wind turbine is better for your particular situation.

In many cases, a combination of both VAWTs and HAWTs may be used to harness wind energy more effectively.


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